Send Brian "Emmanuel" Mitchell to the firing squad

The man is a living demon. Misguided by his delusions and told by his “voices” to marry a 14 year old girl.


This isn’t shit where the guy just screws a much younger girl. Those guys are called pedophiles. This guy thought that God told him to marry Elizabeth Smart.

He deserves nothing less than to be blindfolded and shot by the finest marksmen in Utah.

But, think of this as a should/might/will.

He should be executed

He might be in jail until he dies

He probably will be put in an asylum.

If he goes to Prison, he WILL be murdered. No IFs. The Prisoners will find him and kill him just like how prisoners killed Dahmer and others. If you screw with a little girl, Prisoners (many of whom are victims of child abuse) will beat you until you die. (note: I am not endorsing prisoners killing Mitchell, I’d prefer for the state of Utah to do it)

I know somebody will object to my call for Mitchell to be shot and killed. I know they will bring up the “thou shalt not kill”. Before you do it… it’s very likely that the commandment was “thou shalt not murder”. If that’s true, then one can kill somebody in self defense but they can’t shoot random people with a sniper rifle.

There is alot of sick shit in the backwoods of Utah. You can’t even let the family off quite yet (although they’re probably innocent)

Mitchell should not be held up to the same level as the LDSers. Sure, I am not a fan of the LDS. I recongize that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were both full of it, and that Young is full of it for claiming Christ practiced polygamy. But this is not a time to strike at the LDS/Mormons.

Mitchell is a cult leader. Some Mormon splinter groups still marry little girls and I’d love for the hand of justice to come down on them (Your beliefs of Polygamy do not supercede the ban on polygamy because of the 1st amendment. The first amendment’s religious clauses were so the government couldn’t offically become Protestant or Catholic and launch an inquisition to kill the other side. Using your logic, I can form a religious group to kick people in the nuts and it’d be legal)

Mitchell is a Demon.

and the Angel got the Demon off her wings.

Don’t worry, his life will be pretty miserable in jail.

His life will be pretty short in jail.

That too.

There so much stuff he could be charged with.

Kidnapping across state lines, Kidnapping, Polygamy, Statutory Rape, Rape.

I’d say that he should be executed. Preferably very quickly.

Well, if you’re gonna be cruel and/or unusual, wouldn’t it make sense to have him be shot by poor marksmen? Why, they might have to shoot him six or seven times before getting a kill.

Anyone else disturbed by this guy’s odd resemblance to Charles Manson? Ick.

he sorta looks like Sean Penn also

I was thinking that a Gibbet and an oversized cauldron of nitric acid would work well for this guy.

And I can take some comfort in knowing the time this guy is having in general population as we speak. Pleasant dreams, M**********!*

I think Elizabeth Smart looks like a young incarnation 24’s Elisha Cuthbert. One clip shows Ms. Smart dancing on stage. If I didn;t know the context, I would’ve assumed it was Cuthbert.

Xcept that in this day and age IIRC the only Capital Offense among “common crimes” (leaving outside Treason/Espionage and the like) is Murder.

Really, folks, he’ll get what’s coming to him.

You people are really something. He’s a crazy person and he didn’t even harm the kid (so I heard on CNN) and all of you want him drawn and quartered. He’s SICK! I know it was a horrible thing for a kid to go through, and I know her parents were devastated. But the guy is A NUTCASE! Where’s your compassion?

No doubt it is in the same drawer as their compassion for the innocent man who was hounded to death. The man who suffered the fate they are now wishing on a crazy person. Lock him up? Yes, of course. But some comments in here reveal some really vicious bastards who I am glad I don’t know in real life.

My compassion ends where insane people pose a threat to the rest of soceity, and increase the fear and apprehension of those thousands of miles away.

I know people don’t choose to be insane, and that soceity does not (and probably can not) adequately provide for the deeply insane, but dammit, %ages be damned, this just makes every parent be a little more scared and apprehensive about letting their children enjoy what should be the most carefree times of their lives.

I wish there was a way to identify the dangerously insane and find a place for all of them where they cannot harm soceity (to include pushing people onto subway tracks and setting fire to themselves in Korean subways). There isn’t. He can spend the rest of his life in prison, or be put out of his (our) misery; doesn’t matter to me either way (why one is worse than the other, I don’t know). He should never, under any circumstances whatsoever, be allowed to walk free again.

For the record, I am both pro and anti death penalty. There are people…too many people…who do not belong alive (the kid who killed two undercover cops in Staten Island, NY included and foresmost in my mind). But until we can erase all mistakes and make the death penalty gender, race and class neutral, I cannot fully endorse its application.

Well, my compassion is usually with the victim of a crime… in this case, however, I have some compassion left over for the family of the victim – who have endured a parent’s worst nightmare for 9 months. So, shoot, in this case, my compassion seems to have been all used up before I was able to slap any on Mr. Emmanuel Nutjob.

That said, I should remind everyone that all the facts on this case aren’t known yet. We don’t know, for instance, that the nutjob is actually insane. Nor, in all fairness, do we know whether or not Elizabeth was raped. In any case, I, personally, don’t wish any violence on the guy – especially not violence of the vigilante kind. I’m for a speedy trial and justice being done.


Someone take a match to that old piece of paper which says a person is innocent until proven guilty, because our preacher RobbieFal has seen the light! This accused kidnapper is a demon! Who hears voices! And must be killed immediately!

Forget about a trial, let’s just rend Mitchell limb from limb. I mean, there’s no way that a young girl in Utah would ever willingly submit to a man’s will. Never!

All this is my subtle way of asking Robbiefal to justify his claims of polygamy and rape.

Oh for fucksakes, calm down.

I live in Utah. My kids and I helped in the search for Elizabeth. We live among blue ribbons and posters and billboards. We saw and heard about her almost every single day. I know people who are friends with her family. At this very moment I can see her neighborhood out of my office window. It is so near I can tell the colors of the cars on the road.

I work with the disabled homeless and have seen Emmanuel on the streets many times (although he was not one of my clients). I know someone who was at a party last September that Emmanuel, his wife, and Elizabeth attended. Lots of things hit close to home.

Like most of the people in Salt Lake City, I have become emotionally involved in this case since day one.

It is human nature to want to see harsh punishment when something is done to a child, but do you really think he should be put before a firing squad? No shit? The guy is mentally ill! He should be punished AND treated, not killed.


Oh yeah? Like?

Jess said, “So, shoot, in this case, my compassion seems to have been all used up before I was able to slap any on Mr. Emmanuel Nutjob.”


"We don’t know, for instance, that the nutjob is actually insane. Nor, in all fairness, do we know whether or not Elizabeth was raped. "

That’s right…you don’t know, (although the police seem to think she wasn’t) but you’re still there giving him the vicious attitude. The non-compassion. The “guilty until proven innocent.”

D-Odds, compassion does not equal letting the guy walk free. Jesus! He can be a danger to society and still be mentally ill and worthy of some compassion!

The way you people talk, it’s no wonder we live in such a violent society.

I hate the insanity defense.

The bastard was coherent enough to kidnap a little girl and prevent her from escaping for months.

I hope he gets beaten to death by his fellow inmates…after several hours of anal rape. Sans lubrication, other than blood, of course.

That was fucking lovely. :rolleyes: