vanilla, please explain why you believe that the mentally ill are stupid.

Please see this thread over here for more details. Most of the thread is a train wreck, but I’d like to focus on one specific incident:

to which, your sole response was to say:

Since you’ve ignored two comments about it, I thought the Pit might get your attention.

#1) I’ve worked with people with mentally illnesses. Despite your ugly, bigoted comment, the intellectual range of people suffering from and coping with mental illnesses covers the whole spectrum of human intelligence. There are many intelligent people who have mental illnesses. Hate-mongering comments like you made perpetuate the stereotype that mental illness = stupid (or evil or dangerous).

#2) I can’t imagine how much courage it took for Snark to a)face up to his problems are, b)seek the help he felt he needed and c)have the sheer raw courage to talk about it openly on the board. His polite, articulate manner helps dispell the sort of vile stereotype you spew.

#3) On a more personal level, I’d like to add that you seem to be a nasty, bitter person, and, quite frankly, anyone with your own obvious ignorance (if your…unique spelling and ‘creative’ grammar are any indicator) leave you in absolutely no position to disparage the intellect of others. (“Unbiblicalness”?!)


Perhaps she’s speaking introspectively.

Feh. Fenris, honey, smart people get out of the way when Vanilla and Snark Hunter start going at it. “Issues” ain’t the word for it. But thank you so much for giving me an unwitting tour of the Mormonism thread I’ve been avoiding all week. :smiley:

I would explain, except that I didn’t say ALL mentally ill people were stupid as you claim.
Snark has had many a moment blowing his top, etc. then changing 180 degrees, over and over.
I was answering his question.
I am not in the debate thread anymore,since I posted that I wanted to avoid that particular poster; he wants to keep in contact with me, and I was trying and succeeding, in not posting to any of the threads he was in.
Also, I did not know that if you make a typo, it means you are stupid. I must remember that next time.
Have a nice day:)

I have to say that I did read the whole thread, and found it singularly unilluminating. You couldn’t see much through the vitriol.

vanilla, your bias, which you are certainly allowed to have, interfered with your ability to congently make your points. I would further submit that, as a general rule, it is pointless to attempt to logically refute faith. (It’s equally pointless to attempt to you logic to bolster faith.)
It’s even more pointless to try to refute a religion by pointing out inconsistencies and probable falsehoods in its past. Hell, by that standard, Christians should all be living in moneyless, socialist communes. (Read Acts). Religions are evolving things. If Adam and Eve are a myth, that has no bearing on whether the Christian, Jewish, or Muslim faiths are unsupported.

You of course had an inherent problem - your ally in the thread was Brian Bunnyhurt, Total Fucking Loon.


The recent thread Re: Mormons is most charitably described as a clusterfuck of grand proportions, and I refrained from posting there even though I did peek in to observe the body count from time to time. That thread is truly a wonder to behold. Nevertheless vanilla, that comment was WAY below the belt. Whatever has gone on between the two of you IRL, there isn’t any reason for that sort of post here, in front of the whole board. You owe the guy a sincere apology, regardless of how you personally feel about him.