Sept 1 Meteor Shower

Anyone stay up for the meteor shower? Little Dan and I saw about 5 good ones, and several more really faint ones. Not sure it was worth staying up to 4:30 AM.

I remember seeing something about this being best viewed on the Pacific Coast, so did not stay up to watch it, I did, however; see the brightest, largest falling star I have ever seen last night on our way home from dinner. Holy Puntuation, Batman, was that a run-on sentence or what?!?

The falling star I saw last night was so big and bright that at first, I was trying to figure out what was reflecting off my window, and then realised my window was down!

I got up at 5 am (Central Daylight time) and drove about 25 miles. Saw 2 before the clouds rolled in and the sun started to come up. Didn’t think I would have much of a chance here in the Dallas area, but thought I would try. My best view so far was the Leonid storm of 1999.