Sequential is as Sequential Does


Magnetic Cows
Calcium is a Metal?

Apparently it’s a ferrous metal (cow>milk>calcium). :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s Rioting in Our Streets
gustav is scary

Apparently very scary.

**Furry Dopers, come out!

The Price of Rat Meat increases in Cambodia


Heeeeerrrrrre, Furry, Furry, Furry!

(Makes “come here” gesture while holding bat behind back.)

would it be possible to do a poll on circumcision without a debate?
Stranger Things Have Happened

**A suspicious stink
Pot Smokers versus Beer Drinkers

Is refrigerated blood drinkable? - Need answer fast.
Ways of stopping the gag reflex.

The Palin Baby Rumor - Proven False?

Malaysian Man gets Penis Stuck in Nut

**Giving up your seat to a woman–outdated?

Stranger Things Have Happened


Hog farming) Pregnant sow: what to expect?
Are there any varified cases of three or more conjoined fetuses?


**Please Mr. Obama, PLEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!! An open letter…

Help me name my halloween graveyard **

How about “McCain Manor”?

**Aha! I knew it! Ed is Cecil.
Do you believe any conspiracy theories?
It was all just a dream

Not sequential thread titles, but sequential user names in the “last post by” column. In the Game Room:
Really Not All That Bright
It’s Not Rocket Surgery!

**Well, it’s happening now, you stupid mother fuckers (vaccines)
Please stop giving me medicine that makes me feel bad **

**Rear-ended AGAIN!!!

Wedding Vows I’d Love To Hear

I can’t wait for the first one to bump up on the main SDMB page with “Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash”.

** Decode this beauty queen title

Translation Corner

** My aunts have gotten married!
urgh the worst thing ever**

Damn lesbophobe

Where’s All The Pie?

The Llama Got Out

See, the llama got out and ate the pie…

**What does the Vice President do?
Lesbians in Prison **

urgh the worst thing ever
Doper Social Groups! (New feature)

From “New Posts”:

**Are fat people weak and lazy?
Where’s all the pie? **