Sequential spams

I get a lot of spam. The subject lines now often seem to be snips from some kind of literature, like, “Ursula watched her with fascination”

However, today the subjects, in order (all from different senders’ names):
Came the Shoshonies and Blackfeet,
By the shining Big-Sea-Water,

Like two bows he formed and shaped them,
O’er the precipice plunging downward
And the soft and juicy kernels
From her nest among the pine-trees,
He the sweetest of all singers.
Whence these legends and traditions,
Drove away, with scoffs and shoutings,
Laugh and leap into the valley.
For himself he kept the West-Wind,
Smoke the calumet together,

Then there were more of the more usual type, “congratulatory dishwasher” and so forth.

I think one spam-generating computer is beginning to be self-aware.