Sequential thread titles from the Black Lagoon

A bit macabre, but startling, here in MPSIMS:

Anahita’s mother has died
How long will YOU live?

Right now in MPSIMS:

**2000+ B&D fans coming to OC,MD Concention. But it’s a secret!

Do kids get spanked on their birthdays anymore?**

BBQ Pit:

130 Cats??? 130 Cats.
Deaf people don’t understand how to adopt cats

Also in the Pit:

Shut the fuck up about your fucking cats! I don’t give a fuck!
130 Cats??? 130 Cats.


“Ask the cop”
“In the ladies room”
Hmmm. Yes, yes. I have lots to ask you.

What do you do when you are clearly more intelligent than your Boss?

Careers in Astrophysics


130 Cats??? 130 Cats.

Shut the fuck up about your fucking cats! I don’t give a fuck!


I noticed somthing Odd in Empire Strikes Back
Sigur Ros - Why?

Alternative to Penthouse?
House of 1000 Corpses


Arnie in Robert Mapplethorpe Nudie Photos!
Happy Banned Books Week!

Bush @ The UN
Stop arguing about whose job it is and JUST F***ING DO IT!

A Tri-fecta in the Pit a few minutes ago:

Makes me want to post one: “EH? DID YOU SAY SOMETHING ABOUT CATS?”

You beat me to it, Colibri, though I was thinking of posting a follow-up thread titled “What’s that? I dropped my hat?”

Not quite sequential, but close enough that it read like it:

matt_mcl’s gargantuan, engorged, throbbing…
Trouser Snakes

(Now playing in MPSIMS)


Your Fave Dead-end or Obsolete Technology?
Lesbians impregnating with turkey baster

Hey, It also works on other sites!

I found this triplet on CNN East Asia yesterday rather amusing:

China arrests Web activist
China rewrites Clinton’s ‘History’
Bush heaps praise on China

A geeky one in the Pit right now:

Mac people irritate me
Get your Head out of my Ass Dell!

In CS:

Dantes"The Divine Comedy"
I just got the joke…

(The next thread is “Top ten comedies?”…I wish that had been a little higher up!)

Cooking Sit-Com Featuring Zenster and Chefguy!
News headlines we DON’T want to see

Oh, My Freaking God! (Looong!)
Giant Colon Comes To Philadelphia

Weirdness in the mail
So, am I strange?

How Did Your Last Vehicle Die?

Help me choose a new car

You Know What We Need? New Saints!
My first trip to a strip club

I find them hot.
(non-human) primates - love’em or hate 'em? (poll)
Foods you despise?

So what drink do I order tonight?
Should I get a flu shot?