Serenity - NEW International Trailer Online!

The long-delayed international trailer for Serenity was just released for download over at the UK Can’t Stop the Signal site, and it’s a doozy. I think it’s MUCH better than the first trailer (which was pretty damn good to start with): it shows off the combination of humor and action that was Firefly’s hallmark, rather than playing it as a straight sci-fi action flick.

Be warned that the trailer does contain a lot of new footage, so if you’re avoiding spoilers at all costs, better skip this one. :slight_smile: That said, this thread is still BOXED SPOILERS, except for the stuff in the trailers, for those of us who didn’t manage to get into a preview screening. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Actually that WAS a lot better than the first trailer, which spend a third of its time flashing text explaining why you should go see the movie because so many nerds liked it.

Now it actually looks like a good movie.


Much, much better. I hope they start showing this one at the theaters.

Very cool.

Very cool, but still not enough Kaylee.


That trailer just flat-out rocks.

I have a suspicion that this movie is going to be a monster hit.

Shiny! I can’t wait.

Wow. I’m completely, 100% unfamiliar with the series (though I’ll try to catch up starting this weekend), but that trailer was excellent. Can’t wait.

A thousand Browncoats, and I mutter “sure, okay, a bunch of us will see it twice.” One new viewer, and suddenly I’m grinning like Kaylee in a dress shop.

What, have you been livin’ under a rock? :slight_smile:

There’ve only been, like, a thousand threads discussing what a kick-ass show Firefly is. If you get the Sci-Fi Channel, they’re going to start airing the show this Friday at 7 PM est. Otherwise pick it up on DVD set. That’s a better choice anyway - no commercials and half the episodes have commentary tracks which are great. Besides, you’re going to watch the shows more than once anyway. :slight_smile:

The new trailer is great. I can understand them playing up the action aspects in a trailer, but hope they made it more than just an action film (I’ve done my best to avoid reviews from people who’ve seen advanced screenings of the film). While the series had a lot of action, it wasn’t just a random shootout and explosions type show.

But I’ve got a huge amount of faith in Joss Whedon. I know he won’t screw it up.

I’m still hoping to see a Serenity trailer actually in the theatre - so far all the movies I’ve seen that might have had this trailer shown, haven’t. So I’ve only seen it online, which isn’t as good.

Oh, I’ve been well aware of the existence of Firefly and am not unfamiliar with its cult following, but (a) I don’t watch any SF series at home (my wife hates it), and (b) I don’t hang out with geeks, so I didn’t have any direct or indirect exposure to the series. In fact, the thing that most interested me was Ron Glass, who I remember from Barney Miller growing up.

The fact that the series was so short-lived works to my advantage in catching-up, though the timeframe will still be a challenge. We’ll see…

I don’t hang out with geeks…


whoa…whoa…whoa! Dont let the pocket protector and strange allergies fool you, this show ain’t just for the geeks! Why I was that this Sci-Fi Convention just last week and I was saying to some Klingon that…oh crap…

While the genre may be SciFi, it’s equally accurate to call it a character-driven drama. If you wife likes those, she should give Firefly a shot. The timeframe won’t be much of a challenge, though. I’ve hooked a few friends and they all race through the DVDs, sometimes watching three or four episodes in one sitting.

Wow. I saw the first trailer, but I didn’t realize until I watched this one that

they go to Earth That Was!
Baseless uninformed speculation: could part of the blue-gloved guys’ secret be that Earth That Was is once again habitable? Or that it was always habitable, and the real reason for humanity’s flight was something else entirely?

Well, unfortunately, I love the Mrs. and all, but there are certain genres that she can (rarely) get beyond the genre trappings of. She definitely didn’t “get” BtVS, so I’m not holding much hope for Firefly. My best bet is to catch up after she’s fallen asleep, while I’m getting ready in the morning, or during my lunch break at work. We’ll see–even if I don’t catch all of them, I’m looking forward to an episode or two purely for orientation sake.

In my opinion, Firefly is a much more mature, well-rounded series than either Buffy or Angel. I’ve seen three people who were all non-fans of BtVS get absolutely hooked on Firefly. It’s important to see the episodes in order, but I’m sure someone will be along shortly to suggest a good episode to start with.

As for “genre trappings”, Joss throws a lot of them to the winds. There’s a “gun fight” early in the series that begins and ends so quickly you hardly notice what’s happening. The captain is fighting a Bad Guy one-on-one, his first mate stops the crew from intervening, saying “This is something Captain’s gotta do for himself,” and he hollers, “NO IT’S NOT!”

I must admit though that I was dismayed to see more scenes of a female character in her late teens, played by a woman probably in her 20s, defeating faceless enemies with a variety of lame-o kung-fu moves. I guess some directors/writers just can’t help going back to the same tired well.

And scarcely any Kaylee.


No they don’t.