Serenity Starts FIlming in 3 weeks

I thought this article would be of interest
Especially this bit.

I don’t usually go to movies but I will this one.


(sorry. had to do it.)

Thanks for keeping us updated, pepperlandgirl! :slight_smile:

Check the website.

Even more goodness here.

Make sure to check the June 16 pictures!

And don’t forget that you can buy stock in the film

“River is a very important question in the show.”

Dammit. hope it isn’t “Firefly, the Musical”.

I’m actually less concerned with River–she’s crazy, the blue-hand-group are responsible, end of story–than I am with Book. I want some answers.

I was annoyed when she shot people without looking. I was afraid she would turn into Westley Crusher in a training bra if you substitute psychic powers for technology.

Some answers on Book would be good.

According to Jewel Staite’s post to this site, they’re done with location shooting and are moving to the studios. How cool is it that the actors are posting to fansites?

So has anyone on the Dope joined the Browncoats? That looks like a time waster. I’d hate to waster 50 credits by signing up without a reference.

Yes, I’ve joined the Browncoats. I can email you an invite if you’d like.

FireFlyFans site

Serenity: The Official Movie Website

I hate going to the movies now (25 minutes of commercials and trailers, good morons, $8-10 tickets, ect. . ), but I will be there opening day.


Recruit me, baby. You know you need the creds.

I’d be happy to get some Doper Browncoat a few creds by accepting their invite to join the noble cause.

Kaylee so cute.

Well, I’m tickled with these developments! I haven’t seen a lot of films in the theatres lately (I usually procrastinate until they come out on DVD), but I will definitely be seeing this one on the big screen!

I saw her in episode 10 (I think?) of Wonderfalls. She plays the bartender guy’s ex-wife. Much skinner there, and with a not-nice personality.

Serenity now! hee.