Serial Killer

Have any of you seen those stickers on cars that say “serial killer”? I see these things all over the place. Most of the time I’m pretty up on pop culture, but this is really stumping me. What the hell do these mean? Are they a brand name? Is it just shock value? What’s the deal?

What column are you talking about? Other wise you are posting in zee incorrecta forum.

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You’ve finally caught me. I’m guilty. A cold-hearted cereal killer.

…Oh, wait. This isn’t the Corn Flakes Abusers’ Anonymous thread? Crap.

–It was recently discovered that research causes cancer in rats.

Is “Serial Killer” the name of some musical group the youngsters are listening to?

It never ceases to amaze me how many young drivers think it makes them “cool” to put a sticker on their car that says “Korn” or “NIN” etc.

Do they think I really care if they like some certain band?

Especially those grateful dead bears or that steal yer face skull. I mean, come on. You want us all to know you like to drop acid, or eat 'shrooms before you drive around town in your rock-n-roll car?

If I was a traffic cop I would pull them over on principle, just to see what they are smoking. But I ramble…

From looking at the stickers, it’s a clothing company with a funky name.

…and remember, duct tape fixes all your problems, big and small.

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They make clothes!
Manoman! I thought I would never know.
And I was so delirious that I posted it to the wrong place, like a chump, hey, like a chump, heyyy…