Serious but odd question

I put this in the pit because I have a feeling thats where it might end up anyway.
I will explain my situation then ask the question.
I have become addicted to the SDMB I enjoy it immensely. Sadly I don’t have much too add as I basicaly dropped out of school fairly young and haven’t really read near as much as most others on here. My spelling is poor, my grammar is possibly worse. I have several topics that I would enjoy very much seeing discussed but every attempt at opening a topic I somehow screw up. Some of said I came off as if I knew a lot about it, my intent was simply doing my best to sound halfway intelligent. I have not done so well at starting what I think are excellent topics. I do feel I could contribute to these specific topics in the way of relaying observations from over a lifetime of being a chronic people observer and the 50 years I spent dealing with the public.
Now for my question: Is it against any protocal here for me to actively seek out a sponsor of sorts that might occassionaly help me start a topic off right?
My primary sets of interest deal with neuro sciences, social issues, and human behavior, I would promise not to seek assistance more than once per week. Thanks All.

I just looked at the last four things you posted…

Porn, sandwich, read meat, and terrible idea.

I thought the sandwich one was pretty funny (although perhaps that wasn’t your intent). Of those 4 - I think only the “terrible idea” one was off to a bad start. Just my opinion of course, but perhaps you aren’t as bad as you think at starting topics. Perhaps I picked a bad sample.

The porn thread is probably a fail on my part also. I was hoping to see a discussion take of on why we are attracted to what we are, instead of actually asking that question I went at it indirectly, I catch myself doing that all the time.

Not sure about the helping part but as a long term person here I like you as a poster. Besides the fact your a mean assed Honey Badger who doesn’t give a shit (because that’s what Honey Badgers do you know?) :slight_smile:

IMO if you think your questions or observations or comments or whatever are not up to snuff, maybe just keep em a bit more simple.

On the other hand, barring regular warnings from the mods (which I don’t recall you getting), I think you are a pretty decent poster. Lets put it this way. I don’t see a post that’s from HoneyBadger and go “oh fuck, here we go again”.

Relax. Enjoy yourself. If you are a bit self conscious, review you post material for a few hours or a day before you actually post it.

IMO you are being too hard on yourself, but as person who spent a good fraction of their life being crippling shy and not considering themselves particularly bright I can see where you are coming from.


Thanks for the response Billfish. You know it is not so much a matter of being hard on myself as much as being disappointed that I am not seeing certain topics being discussed. I feel if they were presented in the right format for a proper discussion I would have better luck.

Honestly, framing a question is a skill, and one that most people don’t exercise much. Before you post just think about that: is this the question I want answered? You may post a little less often, but I think you’ll have better success. It’s fine to read and reply much more often than you post new questions.

Don’t feel bad, I’ve started a few threads that sank faster than the Titanic.

Hell, I’ve started a few that were apparently rocket powered with the thrust vector being orthogonal to the local gravitational field.

Feh. I’ve been faking it here for fourteen years, Dinnae fash yerself.

It’s important to note which forum you are posting in. In GQ, anecdotal evidence is frowned upon, so something like “I knew a guy once who told me. . .” should be preceded by a qualifier that you aren’t posting it as fact, just as possibly being of interest to others. Great Debates sometimes turns into flame wars, but we have some accomplished debaters and some smart pee poles that can walk the walk, so you might want to stay out of there for the time being.

The rest of the fora are relatively harmless, so feel free to blather away or add whatever you think is relevant, but fact check yourself when proffering something as a truth rather than an opinion, if at all possible. It’s one thing to say the chiropractor helped your backache, but another to say the chiropractor cured your cancer.

When starting a thread, think through what it is you are trying to say before you start typing. Then proofread what you’ve written and see if it says what you wanted it to say, or if it can be edited for clarity. A badly stated opening post can turn a thread into a huge clusterfuck, with you having to defend things you never said or meant. You might want to stick to just posting comments to others’ threads for awhile to see how things go.

I think, just in general, you should cut yourself some slack.

it’s just posting, is all. :smiley:

No. There are, however, several protocols.

There is nothing to stop you from picking a poster or two whose posts seem to be in the subject areas that interest you and whose posting style at least does not offend you and sending them a private message asking them to give some constructive advice on your proposed op. Most here have egos that would love the flattery of being asked and I have a hard time imagining anyone refusing to offer an honest critique.

That said I’m with others here who think that you are being hard on yourself. I also agree with the advice given about being aware of which forum your are placing your op in. If you are asking for a specific factual answer that’s GQ. If you want to participate by way of offereing up personal observations, experiences, and opinions based on those, then IMHO is best. Your areas of interest seem less suited for MPSIMS. And GD posts may result in others asking for more than personal observations to justify a position.

Most of my thread attempts make the Titanic look positively buoyant so take my advice with the grain of salt it deserves …

So you’re saying that the honey badger gives a shit?

Looks like you’ve come to the right place.

Hey, if fuck up a post this bad, and not be banned, I think you should be safe. (I think somebody spiked my tea with LSD or something.)

I too, have poor gramar and spelling. I do my best, but for people who still want to look down their nose at me, well, they can kindly go fuck themselves.

I think I get frustrated because of high expectations of this group. By heads and shoulders the intellect here is by far higher than any other web sites I hang out at. Several posts I see everyday here could probably be addressed with a neurological based approach.
Science has made some huge strides in this area yet no one seems to be taking a practical approach to applying what we have learned beyond the laboratory and test subjects. I see plenty of studies on line about how sex will stimulate this, and gambling might stimulate that or chocalate stimulate something else but the more subtle less dramatic effects of everyday experiences seems to be largely ignored when they likley play a huge part in shaping our perceptions and reactions to more important things.
Many of us managers, teachers, parents, preachers, etc are keenly aware of how important it is for someone to feel accepted, validated, liked and appreciated. They also have long ago learned that leaving one to their own devices to creatively solve problems is self motivatiing especially when their success is awknowedged.
I am convinced that neurosciences will be the dot com boom of early this century. I would enjoy discussions on how we could build enviroments that were conducive to creative thinking, socialization and positive feedback. A place where the intellectuals as well as the blue collar types might find themselves working together on collaborations they may have contrived. Kind of like parks for nerds. I would enjoy hearing and sharing about little individual case studies that we have encountered in our lives that can add to the thought process on what kind of enviroment might best accomadate a place like this.

I dunno… starting threads like thiswon’t really get you into the good books of most posters here, but I think many of your recent threads are all right.

At least with many of your recent threads, you’ve used descriptive thread titles.

Just a mild suggestion.

It is always helpful to break long paragraphs. I have found that not only is it easier to read, but it often helps the writer organize his or her thoughts.

Right now you’re on the border of stream-of-consciousness. People don’t know how to react to stream-of-consciousness.

Emily, the thread you mentioned was very inflamatory I agree but it did address the fears of many believers who are feeling threatened by the spread of atheism. The thread was borderline trolling but the only way I knew how to elicit what I would hope to be more guteral responses. I still feel the topic was a very valid one even though it upset a few people.