Serious thread titles that are just begging for a smart-ass answer

Over in Cafe Society there is currently a thread titled “I Have Duck Legs. Now What?” The first response that popped into my head was something like “Don’t wear shorts”, and indeed many of the first responses were joke answers instead of actually food related.

A while back there was a GQ thread with the title “Does Drano work on hair?” and after the first few obligatory “serious” answers the wise guys started piping up.

Who made you pope? Maybe you think my smart-ass answer is smart-ass because you fail to grasp the nuances.


It’s very fortunate you don’t have duck legs–being shoeless, and all. :wink:

Oh man, the “duck legs” thread almost got me, too. I was rolling. :smiley:

The Great Salt Lake is Shrinking
And Leon is getting larger…

Just curious (mini-hijack): Weren’t there a whole bunch of threads like this a few years ago? Not counting the back-to-back titles that made for some great humor, and which get new sequels every now and then with “sequential” as part of the thread title.

I’d go looking for them but today is my Lazy Day and I’m mostly just wanting to be sure my memory ain’t broke! :slight_smile:

Is that your way of saying you have a fish fetish?

Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop smoking.

I see them every day. :smiley:

How about this one: “Aside from cost and ill will, what makes a border fence a bad idea?” Cost and ill will pretty much covers it, right? I suppose you could add, “and it won’t work”.

I like to mentally add “Need answer fast” to some of our thread titles, just for giggles. :stuck_out_tongue:

To the following I wanted to say…

[“Is 45 too young to get a check for prostate cancer?”]

Why would anyone send you a check if you had prostate cancer?

Generally, it’s polite to wait for a serious answer or two before you post the joke answers.

That would cause a flap…

Re: that same thread title, I thought:

“You better hope you die before you get old… (talkin’ 'bout my Generation…)”

Typing Question

Yes, you are.

Has anyone ever met a spy?

Yes, probably quite a few people have.

Poll: would you, could you try to “get away” with murder?
I would not, could not, with a truck
I would not, could not, with a duck.

I’m a bitter man, please help

A nice stout or even a spiced rum may go down better.