seth green question

this has always intrigued me…

Seth Green and Bruce Seth Green: one and the same?


                                                    or just a strange buffyverse 

Help, please. Save my sanity.

Not according to IMDB.,+Bruce+Seth,+Seth

I have no idea. All I can say is:
Seth Green = growwwwl.

I’ll second that Little Bird.

Seth Green… ::drool::

Not the same person. Seth Green’s full name is/or was Seth Geshel-Green. My spelling may be slightly off.

My namesake.


  • s.e.

You are entirely correct and IIRC, your spelling is poifect. I knew Seth, his sister ( whose name escapes me at the moment ) and his mother, Barbara Geshel-Green when Seth was perhaps…5? 6? The kids attended the Joseph and Betty Harlam Camp in the Poconos. Barbara worked in the Art Shack, and the kids were campers.

This was before Radio Days. Barbara was the shrewish personification of the phrase “stage mother” but I suppose in the case of Seth, it paid off.

How do I know? I was a counsellor at that camp in the summer of 1980. Barbara, Seth and Unknown Sister were there that summer.


Thats how I know seth!!! CRAZY! I was friends with him until I turned 13 or so. I went to his bar mitzvah too! I was in his bunk all the way throught my time at camp which was probably 4 years. At the time he was doing voices for cartoons and TV shows etc. I just looked for my camp yearbooks but can’t find them. I will look later tonight. TOO CRAZY!!!

His sisters name is kira or something like that.

My whole family went to Joseph and Betty Harlam Camp. My sister was a counselor there too! I am incredibly amused that you went to that camp!

Lest I be seen as callously rude, I’ve taken this very COOL hijack to e-mails so Pez and I can chat this up. Sorry to sidetrack this…