Seth MacFarlane to be on Letterman 3/28

Family Guy fans, don’t miss it: Link

Just thought I’d share.

Awesome! Thanks Bro!

I’m a Family Guy fan and I believe this is the first interview I’ve ever seen with him!

He did a few seconds of Peter ans Stewie. Dave showed a clip from the ep where Peter played Letterman and Brian was Paul.

I’m definitely looking forward to the new season.

…and he sounded like Brian for pretty much the rest of the interview. :wink:

“And then there’s Stewie, who’s basically Rex Harrison in the body of an infant.” Hah!

Sorry, I missed it. Did he apologize for “American Dad”?

Nope. Dave suggested that it was similiar to FG. Seth replied (jokingly) that it was indeed the same show.

“Yes, the kiddies love Rex Harrison!”

It was too short, I wanted to know more about him. He said American Dad is still slated for release in May I believe. Overall it was cool to see him get some face time, but it wasn’t anything to be too upset about missing.

CURSES! I missed it.

For every Letterman show with Seth MacFarlane that I miss, I shall kill you!

I missed him by just a few years when he was a student although a friend of mine had him as a student (he apparently did a mean imitation of her, which I can totally see). I decided not to come back into Providence the night he spoke to our new students on 9/10/01(which was the night before he almost went flying into the World Trade Center). And now this!

It will say on my tombstone:


She was always missing Seth MacFarlane.