Setting the clock in a 1987 Cavalier

Just a plain old delco radio. I’ve pushed every combination of buttons but the right one I think.

Does anyone know how?

Don’t know if you’ve tried HOLDING the buttons down or not, but if not give that a shot. Specifically try holding down the volume knob and see the the time starts flashing. Then it’s just a matter of figuring out how to set the time. My guess is using the memory preset buttons.

You have an 87 Cavalier and this is your biggest problem?

OK, if there’s a button marked SET, you’re set. Turn the radio off, push SET, then HRS and MIN as required. Turn the radio on to lock them in.

If not, hmm, I’m trying to remember an older GM car I used to have … OK, there are 2 buttons that aren’t marked HRS and MIN but function that way - I think they say AM and FM. Push them *both * in and hold them for a few seconds, then push each one repeatedly to set the hours and minutes.

If all else fails, you can try momentarily disconnecting your battery at 12:00.


how DO I set the clock on an 87 Cavalier radio???