Sex: Icky Question (TMI)

I could care less. I was getting oral from a woman once, and after she was done, I leaned in to kiss her. She backed up a bit and said, “Are you sure you want to do that right now? Considering where my mouth has been?” but I like like, ‘meh’, it’s no road I haven’t driven down before (see the old TMI thread if you are wooshed about this. Then again, maybe you’d rather not know that much about me after all :stuck_out_tongue: )

I don’t think its icky. Semen can be messy and have kind of a gross feel to it, like phegm, but not gross enough to be a turn-off for me or anything. As long as it doesn’t leave any conspicuous stains (My bed has BLACK sheets :smack: ) I’m not too worried.

I’m with **pokey **on this. I’ll swollow (even though it’s not my favorite thing and I generally use flavored condoms), but I don’t like it “down there.” I can’t stand the feeling it running back out after sex. Combine that with the pregnancy fear (despite being on hormonal birth control), and I’m all for condom use. My bf’s found that, for him, condoms can make him go longer before orgasm. And I’m all for that! :smiley:

One side note: with two different guys, I’ve had trouble with Trojans. They made both guys, um, go limp. Durex is my preferred brand now. Sometimes finding the right brand/type makes all the difference.

I absolutely adore the feeling of it inside me! Yeah it leakes out a bit afterward, but just go sit on the toilet for a minute and you’re fine. You should pee after sex anyway. If I am giving a blow job, I also love swallowing. It’s so sensual, it’s your partner sharing himself with you, and you accepting your partner. If you love the person, you should have no aversion to it whatsoever. There’s nothing like that hot wet feeling inside you after sex and just knowing it’s the essence of the person you love, it’s the icing on the cake! :smiley:

Semen is a totally natural substance. And it’s a given that it’s going to be around if you’re going to have sex and orgasms. I don’t think you ought to be ashamed of it at all, nor should you be icked about it. And no one should make you feel that way. Every man has it, and it’s part and parcel of sex.

And jeez, it washes off easily.

I don’t want to sound callous and just say “get over it”, but it’s really nothing to be grossed out about, and shouldn’t cause you any embarrassment or misery.

I have no problem with my partner’s semen. I don’t mind where on or in me it ends up. Quite frankly, it’s a sign that I AM GETTING LAID. :cool:

Well, we used condoms for 8 1/2 years, and I gotta say that I am most decidedly not a fan of the whole backwash thing. It’s just so…slimy.

Gangrenous puss is a totally natural substance as well, but I don’t want it on my coochie.

Not to compare semen to gangrenous puss, of course, but the idea that it’s “natural” and so therefore we should all be rapturous of the cold, oozing wet itchy stuff is ludicrous, especially for those of us who were conscientious enough to use a condom every time, and so got used to intercourse without it. Some people like it, some don’t. Some men and women like sex during menstruation, some don’t.

Two words.
Semen Towel.

I thought that’s what everyone did? :dubious: Apparently not.

I think by “natural” I meant more along the lines of “it’s nothing to be ashamed of”. Kind of like when people are afraid to admit that they actually pee and have bowel movements. It’s nothing that can be prevented and is a normal part of life.

Thankfully for me gangrenous pus isn’t a normal part of life. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mark down another woman’s vote for lovin’ it! Being come in seems to indicate to me that my mate is highly satisfied. Being come upon doesn’t do it so much for me. And nyctea scandiaca has it right: best to pee a bit afterward to avoid UTIs anyways, and that potty break pretty much cleans it up. As for swallowing–hell yeah! I’ve never understood people who find “spit” to be a viable option. Talk about rude! Since my hubby is a very visual guy (like most men) the all-over-porno-come-shot is an occasional must, but I much prefer he come in my mouth. That way an after-shower is an option, not a must.

The only objection I have is to The Spot. The Cold, Wet, Gooey Spot. I don’t care whose juices make it (and I admit sometimes it’s mine) I’m by god not sleeping in it!

my fella and I use the old “after sex towel” trick as well. I didn’t do that before I met him, but the first time we did it he was quick to ‘get the towel’. Sort of surprised me. Ever since then, we have a towel ready. Maybe he has a semen aversion? Never thought of it before. It certainly doesn’t stop sex!

Oh! I’ve used those. I didn’t like them. I bought them once because they were the only thing that came in a 3 pack and sure I didn’t need 12 :frowning:

I thought it was kind of like waxed paper! What a weird textrue. I like Durex or Trojan but non lubricated. I normally get the Trojan non lubricated ones. Of course, I’m not the one wearing it so I shouldn’t be so picky. But the Avanti ones really weirded me and my ex partner out. They have a completely different texture. But then again, since they come in a 3 pack it doesn’t take much to try them and see what I mean.

I’ve made it a habit to go fetch a warm washcloth and towel shortly after withdrawal. It’s a nice touch and avoids the ‘wet spot’. Also a good point builder for seconds. :smiley:

As an interesting anecdote, my first time was a bit of a distaster (though after 2 months of wonderful buildup). My then gf thought it was supposed to hurt, but it hurt far too much and she ended up crying - I was shocked and knew enough about these things to be fairly certain that there was something wrong altogether.

So I managed to convince her that this couldn’t be normal and we went to her physician together and it turned out she had a fungus that made it all dry and irritable in there. Apparently this is a very common one, 1:6 or so women have a similar problem at any given time (suddenly makes me wonder how many there are who still think it is supposed to hurt … ), but you don’t always notice it (until …) .

To get to the point, the doctor mentioned that the fluids we’re currently discussing have many good qualities (very rich in proteins, minerals and so on), among which stuff that will usually cure and/or prevent such problems. I’m still laughing when I think about the look on her face when he told her that and she was a little shocked afterwards, and decided to go for the regular medicine option anyway (probably wise as that does require less friction even if it has an interesting application method).

In short, I just wanted to say that the stuff isn’t all bad :wink: (it tast pretty decent too, imho).

That sounds eerily familiar. You should post that to This thread

I have experienced this personally. One BF had taught himself, in puberty, through feedback, how to orgasm without ejaculating. He sort of forced the ejaculate back into his bladder by tensing certain muscles, I believe.
Not for sophisticated enjoyment, but because he was terrified his Evil Stepmom [Sup]TM[/sup] would find any tell-tale spots.
I saw him do this a few times. There didn’t seem to be any other advantages to it, though.

Re the OP; for me, fresh semen (when I’m sure there are no health hazards) is all part of the sticky fun. I’d rather not let drip too much of it in the sheets though, as such a stain starts smelling bad after two days or so.

This closed thread is about how people clean up …um…such things. :slight_smile: