Sex! (tee-hee!)

Is it possible to talk about sex with giggling or making jokes? [Serious question]

For those of us who have finished high school, yes.

One would think so but not in my experience.

I’m sorry to hear that. Sex is certainly a rich source of humor, but I have had many serious conversations about it.

For those of us in our 70s, yes. It’s even possible to talk about sex nostalgically (or so I’ve been told).

Not giggling is easy but I must admit to throwing in the odd joke now and then. But since I also throw the odd joke in now and then at funerals I figure its just consistent with my personality.

Of course it is. What kinds of conversations are you talking about?

Just to clarify, was that supposed to say “…without giggling or making jokes”?

My wife and I had a lobg discussion about sex just last weekend. We got a bit nostalgic about the first times we were together. We talked about our current sex life (what we want, what we don’t want) and how to improve it. It was many times arousing, sometimes serious, but never giggling or joking.

I was wondering myself; it’s such a totally different question.

Pointing and laughing is required.

Are you complaining that when you push, they laugh? :smiley:

We laugh about sex all the time… with it, not at it.

“Of course,” sez the regretful OP.

It’s fun both ways.

I’d rather be giggling than sobbing.

I’d rather be throbbing.

Well, now you’re making my point for me.

Excellent post/username combo.