Sex Toy or Computer Tool?

Here are the product “features,” word for word as listed on the package, for an item I received from a cow-orker as Christmas gift yesterday.

Sex Toy? Or Computer Tool?

You decide :sunglasses:

–Ergonomic and comfortable handle
–Cute pecker shape designed
–The storage open and closed quickly by fan-shaped gear
–Convenient bits storage & exchange
–Adjustable angle for easy operation

Sadly, it is a computer tool. Like so:

Sigh. If a cow-orker ever gives me a bonafide sex toy for Christmas, I guarantee y’all will be the first to know (well, the third behind he/she and me 8-0).

The closest to THAT I have come was this spring, when I went to lunch with someone, and she asked if we had time to stop by a store on the way back to work, and I said “Sure”, and, erm, it happened to be this town’s only adult store…

Ah well. At least this ITEM has an interesting warranty. To quote, letter for letter:

If this product is defective in material or workmanship, SYNPOWELL will be free it, except of damage cause, misuse or alternation.

–jack “engrish ‘r us” k.
aka “cute pecker shape designed”

I’m lookin’ at it – are you sure it isn’t a sex toy?

It could be both! Just be sure to give it a wash before you use it on your computer.

It’s only a sextoy if you get the extra attachments, but they don’t sell those at that website. :wink: