Sexual attraction to midgets and the morbidly obese...

I have no doubt that there are. However, most pornography caters to men. Porn made for women is a tiny share of the market. Now, consider that likely only a tiny tiny percentage of women have a kink for morbidly obese men or little people. What we now have is a group so small it apparently doesn’t pay to make porn catering to them.

It may seem like there are many sites for men into obese women or dwarves. But these sites are a vanishingly small percentage of the total number of porn sites.

Probably a lot more than when this thread was started 10 years ago.

Probably a lot more zombies too.

I don’t think of it as a fetish. I consider a fetish to be sexual obsession with an object separated from a human being. A fat or midget chick is still a whole human.

Some years ago I zapped past an English program about an English guy who were into super-fat American girls, and the girls thought he was really great and cute. So at least those were happy with him. His problem was that they kept dying on him because they were so fat.

Aren’t men generally more likely to have extreme sexual preferences and fetishes than girls?

Oh, I didn’t know it was an old thread. There’re also some men that are into zombie chicks btw. Zombie chicks are probably not ideal partners for a stable, healthy and long-term relationship based on mutual trust and love.

It’s not a fetish. More like a paraphilia, but not sure if either of those is a named paraphilia. And I don’t think it’s that different from normal attraction (except the feeder thing, that crosses some line, I think)

I can only speak about one guy I know who had a thing for little ladies - he got a lot of success, but it was because he didn’t make their size the be-all end-all of his relationships. Sure, he had a “thing”, but he also cared about them as people - he’d reject a bitch even if she was short, I’d seen him do it.

Need answer fast!


Welcome to the board, wahine75. If you want to discuss your relationship, you’re welcome to do so - although a thread in the Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share (MPSIMS) forum would work better. Since this thread is 10 years old and many of the participants don’t post here anymore, I’m closing this.