Sexual braggers?

Last night I made a comment to someone I have been listening to for the past 20 odd years who is constantly bragging about how good he is in bed. I told him the best judge of whether or not you are good in bed is how often the girls call you back for more. He seems to be pretty good at getting one night stands but he seldom talks about repeat performances. He got a dumbfounded look on his face and changed the subject.
One of the other guys lightly admonished me telling me I hurt his feelings. Was I rude? I still don’t think so. Should middle aged men be bragging about their sexual prowess?

Nah, that guy’s a tool.

A better way to admonish someone like this is from the TMI approach. Hey buddy, at our age we really don’t want to hear about your sexual exploits. You went at the issue of whether or not he’s actually good in bed, which is going to put him on the defensive. Ask yourself: Do you really even want to know how good in bed he is?

I have some middle-to-late-middle age friends who often bring up their exploits from back when they were in the 20s or 30s or even in High School. Glory Days, man. Glory Days. No one wants to hear you brag about how much of a stud you were. Especially when the line of discussion is about how hot your ex-girlfriends were. You’re not complimenting the girls, you’re bragging about being able to attract them.

Nope. Nobody should, regardless of age. It’s a dick move to everyone involved, including himself. He’s clearly an insecure fool, overcompensating for… something.

Like… literally.

As others have stated, he sounds like an insecure tool. I would add simple-minded.

If someone were to brag to me about the skill in bed, I would ask - What’s your point? Are you trying to convince ME to sleep with you? Probably not. Are you trying establish your dominance over me, that you are better than me at this specific skill? Thanks, duly noted. Are you trying to make yourself feel better (see above)? Ok, I hope your feel better - anyway, how about them Warriors?

But I probably wouldn’t be hanging out with someone like that to begin with.

oh my lord, so much this.

Sex and money. The more you talk about it, the less you are really getting.

Sometimes it’s better to not put on my reading glasses. “Sexual badgers” was an intriguing thread title.

Hey, I’m telling everyone!


Unless he’s trying to pick up one of the other guys, I don’t see why he needs to inform them about his sexual prowess.

In my experience, there’s usually a type that brags about their sexual prowess. They drink to excess, never exercise, never engage in any sort of physical activity, and probably haven’t eaten a vegetable in ages.

Yet, they are magically “great” in bed.

I can’t help thinking to myself: Dude, sex is a physical activity. And if you live a poor lifestyle, the chances of you being good at it are exactly nil.

I never mention either

So, Badger, what are those Secret Service guys really like?

I know I do. Especially the one in the fall.


I am so not Googling that.

My personal experience lo these many years on earth is that the more someone brags about something, the less true it is. Yeah, I know - it’s just anecdotal, but in many cases, it’s still accurate.

I don’t need to brag. It is a simple fact. Somebody has to be the best.

Did not know it was a contest. Ignorance fought.