Sexy Underwear, and Why

Today I’m wearing sexy underwear, or at least what passes for sexy at my age and girth. They’re boxers with flaming Harley-Davidson logos, and a single button at the fly.

The reason I’m wearing these is because all my other underwear is in the laundry.

I’m wondering who else is wearing sexy underwear, and if so, why. Hopefully someone has a better, or at least more interesting, reason for being secretly sexy.


Nope, sorry – the usual here.

I’ve heard that some guys really like plain white cotton panties, so in that case, I’m surely getting my sexy on right now as we speak.

I’m wearing Sugar Daddy" drawers right now.

If that turns any of your Doper-ladies on, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to…

…or take a number. I’ll deal with you in the order in which you got in line.


And the reason I’m wearing them is because I wear white pants to work and bright red panties would be just so gauche.

Underwear? What’s that?? :wink:

I was wearing date boxers - specifically, they’re blue with a hibiscus pattern in shades of blue and white. I was wearing them because I didn’t feel like wearing briefs.

I’m now wearing briefs, a t-shirt and striped pajama pants. Unsexy.

I just worked as a temp at the Victoria’s Secret Semi-annual sale, watching a wide variety of women buying a wide variety of sexy underwear. There are some things I don’t want to know about some people. And I really was not planning on having to give advice on how a thong should ride on your hips when I signed up to be a cashier. I did spend my pay on undies, but they are rather sedate and cotton…very soft, thin, supple cotton. I’ll wear the first pair tomorrow.


To address the title question: If you have to ask…you’re either a very straight woman, or a very gay man.

Silk boxers, with bananas printed on them.

Why? Because I rock, of course.

Hmmm green thong with butterfly on the back. Bad idea, I bend over a lot at work, if I hear pretty panties one more time… Why don’t they make jeans anymore that don’t fall off your ass?

Is that a banana on your drawers or are you just happy to see us?

None right now. Regular “manties” earlier.

Just curious y’unnerstand but I’ve often wondered about thongs.

I mean isn’t it like getting a wedgie…y’know uncomfortable.

askin’ is all

No way, much rather have one string (that you don’t feel) than a wad of cotton. Ug, all that material under my pants, and underwear lines, No Way

Others may feel different.

Why don’t people anymore wear underwear that doesn’t ride seven inches about their low-rise jeans?

The “pretty panties” comments are completely unprofessionall and uncalled for, but at the same time, allow me to let all thong wearers* know right now:

your thong is hanging out.

If you don’t want other people seeing your underwear in your place of work or in a restraunt, don’t wear a thong that’s three sizes too large with low-cut jeans.

It looks unprofessional and I can assure you that on 98% of the population whom this affects would be “sexier” and more attractive wearing some non-sexy underwear. Furthermore, my 2% group of exceptions will vary markedly from others 2% group of exceptions and so I can’t really tell anyone that I would advise them to attempt to make a fashion statement through their underwear.

Oh, and one last thing. In addition to sticking out of your ass, the pants that people feel it’s necessary to wear thongs with usually show panty lines anyway, except for instead of a brief pantyline, you now have a thong panty-line. If you’re a 14 year old girl, I guess I can see that scoring you some popularity points with the other eighth graders, but for the majority of you, it’s still probably a bad idea to try to make a fashion statement through underwear.

*I mean here both men and women. Last February before Valentines Day I was walking through a Foley’s and, honest to god, I saw a bright red shiny man-thong with a smiling buffed up underwear model guy on the front. Excuse my arcane backwards thinking, but I feel as if you should have to go to a sex-shop for underwear like that, not Foley’s.

Okay first off my thong fits fine and so do MY pants, I had scrubs on(i work in a nursing home) and ripped them on a siderail. I borrowed a pair from a friend, I normally would not chance showing underwear at work. I agree, that I don’t want to see everyone’s underwear, it happend to me by accident.

We really must start a thread about sexy underwear and what men can possibly like about it. So, lacy frilly unpracticality says “sexually confident and sex-enthusiast”? Well, I’m way ahead of you. I’m so “sexually confident and sex-enthusiast” that I have ended up at the other side of the spectrum, so I can wear practical grannypanties again. :slight_smile:

Hot pink cotton thong with a bow at the front.

I’ve solved my thong-over-waistband problems by wearing longer tops, which camouflage my tummy too.

Indian blouses/tunics are all the rage in Spain this year. I have a transparentish one in red, green and orange which I brought to work on Monday, with a Nava-colored bra.

One of my co-workers (male about my age) likes to play this persona of talking to people as if he was our old parish priest. He’s in charge of the spiritual side and table manners for the team, as it were.

He said “young, lady, do you realize that you’re on the verge of indecency?” I answered “does that mean I should wear a white bra next time? Don’t have any black”. His eyes lit up and he said “oooh, yes, you absolutely have the right idea.”

The top I’m wearing today is a less transparent grey but the bra is white. I’ve been informed that I definitely should wear this bra with the other blouse. So I’m wearing sexy underwear, and it’s to flirt with one of the guys in the team.

(This kind of behaviour is ok in Spain so long as *it’s not in front of the customers and *nobody in the team finds it offensive)