SexyWriter and anyone else I've been arguing with

I don’t want to leave SDMB so it’s best to try and stop this catfight…

You were in the wrong to insult me.

But I was more in the wrong to be ignorant, and then fail to accept when I am wrong, and then be a hypocrit by calling you guys snotty yet being snotty myself. And I was wrong in other ways too. I was on an ego-trip where I was trying to have the ‘last word’ and trying to hurt people who’d hurt me. I forgot to have a thick skin. I should have realized that humain being’s aren’t insanely polite and perfectionists when it comes to talking to others. I am picky and inappropriate about what people say. I take it too seriously.

You hurt me. That was no excuse to respond the way I did to all of you in question.

I formaly and sincerely apoligise.

I hope we can stop it here.