SexyWriter and anyone else I've been arguing with

I don’t want to leave SDMB so it’s best to try and stop this catfight…

You were in the wrong to insult me.

But I was more in the wrong to be ignorant, and then fail to accept when I am wrong, and then be a hypocrit by calling you guys snotty yet being snotty myself. And I was wrong in other ways too. I was on an ego-trip where I was trying to have the ‘last word’ and trying to hurt people who’d hurt me. I forgot to have a thick skin. I should have realized that humain being’s aren’t insanely polite and perfectionists when it comes to talking to others. I am picky and inappropriate about what people say. I take it too seriously.

You hurt me. That was no excuse to respond the way I did to all of you in question.

I formaly and sincerely apoligise.

I hope we can stop it here.

P.S. SexyWriter. On looking back I realize that you inparticular did not say much insulting stuff to me. It was the other guy mainly.

My horrible replies (even though they may have quoted your replies) were not directed at you personaly. They were directed at generall superiority. It was still wrong of me though. I apologise again for (in my rage) being so wrong about everything, getting mad at the wrong peolpe, and being shitty myself to you and the other guy who did most of the insulting (but still didn’t deserve to be attacked the way I did)

As a simple observation, the best way to stop a catfight is to stop posting about it. If you feel you’re being (unfairly) attacked, continuing to fight just gives more ammunition to your opponents.

Starting a Pit thread is largely just an invitation for your opponents to heap oodles of profane abuse on you, since they are no longer bound by the rules of engagement enforced on other boards.

I’ll refrain, myself.

I’ll accept that.

But this thread is more about apologising to you guys because you deserve one. I was out of order.

Okay … we are NOT going to have a multitude of threads on the same subject. This thread is closed.