It’s what’s for dinner tonight.

I add cannellini beans to mine.

Serve with dollop of sour cream and scallions on top, and warm pita bread.

Oooo, that sound good. I’ma try it tonight!

that looks amazing. I wonder if I can convince my husband to try it. How do you serve it? Family style? Everyone fishes out an egg and some sauce to dip?

Yep, just set the hot pan on a hotplate on the table and serve. When we want seconds but can’t commit to filling the plate again, we just dip the bread in the pan. :slight_smile:

I make manti andfloat them in the shakshuka =) Though manti are good floated in chicken broth, adding them to shakshuka works. We float the poaching eggs in the shakshuka, then plop one egg per dish of shakshuka, then float a perimeter of manti around the edge.

Yes, please.

I’ve been seeing a lot of mentions of shakshuka online in recent months. Is it becoming a “thing”? Because so, cool. It’s a staple here (I eat it all the time), and if the Western World is becoming aware of it, it’s your gain.

My Brother in law’s yemenite family serves it for breakfast. They scramble the eggs (still a bit runny until it cooks while sitting there) and the same thing, just put the plate down and serve yourself a ‘scramble’-looking breakfast.

I made it last night for me and my wife. It was delicious. Will probably be making it many times more in the future. Thanks for sharing!