Shame on those that refuse the vaccine

@Mr_Hoogly -Where do you live, and why do you want Americans to die?

I wonder if it caused brain damage.

I know, I know-- no way to tell.

I’m thinking the UK since he has made numerous references to it and the NHS, implying that they are his frame of reference.

Also he thinks Americans are ignorant so maybe that’s the motivation. (Like a slug thinking a rock is slimy.)

Further, when he mentioned pictures of ambulances it sounded like “bee-baw bee-baw”.

Yeah it’s too late.

What we’re seeing now is Republicans speaking out of both sides of their mouths. They created this macho cult that basically encourages giving the finger to public health officials but now seeing the possibility that this could cause widespread disability and death among their own voters, they’re now starting to hedge a little. But that’s all they’re doing - hedging. Just enough to have a sound byte or two which puts them on record as having been on the right side of history.

Sure thing; go ahead and have your party. It’s just that it’s very obvious from the outside looking in that what you’ve just described is only the rule you apply to your own rhetoric, and not that of others.

It’s just locker room talk about people dying of Covid! Sure, they said they’re happy people are dying, but you have to understand, it’s how we talk!

Oh fer crissakes.

Can we stop conflating this:

with this:

No one is rooting, cheering, or happy for anti-vaxxers to die. @Siam_Sam literally said “I could care less…”. And good riddance is passive, unlike Nazis who actively killed people. Speaking of Nazis, even the Nazis wouldn’t want anti-vaxxers to catch Covid and die because it’s a contagious disease.

Meanwhile @eenerms is worried enough about the small number of “illegals” to mention them. Maybe their illegal viruses are a million times more contagious than American viruses. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Cool, man. I thought–but can’t be sure, because there’s no way to check!-- that the OP of this thread, the one we are discussing, expressed literally a “hope” that everyone who hasn’t gotten a vaccine, but could have, will suffer a physical death of their body. I thought that was the starting point of this discussion.

If you would like to be correct that nobody is cheering or rooting, and that is an important distinction to you given the sentiment that all of us obviously know is being expressed in this thread, and you would like to tell yourself that yes, this is the rule that I apply across the board when people talk about real horrific deaths, I think that’s lovely. You are correct.

The OP did say “take them out”. That could be interpreted as killing them, but it also could be interpreted as hospitalizing them while they develop a natural immunity. I can’t speak for the OP. They didn’t literally say that they hoped people die, though that’s a reasonable way to interpret it. :man_shrugging:

The OP said:

I sympathize with the OP’s point of view. There would be no greater cosmic justice than Republicans practicing voter self-suppression by dying to own the libs.

But… this puts us all at risk. Having a half-vaccinated population is pretty much a textbook exercise in using natural selection to make a bad virus worse.

We’ve been so incredibly blessed that children are mostly unaffected by the virus. But there’s no guarantee that situation will hold. If the virus mutates to be deadly to kids, Jesus take the wheel, I don’t know if our society can handle it. I know I can’t.

Everybody has to get vaccinated. Somehow we’ve got to talk these dipshit Trumpers off the ledge, and if means soothing their fragile feelings and anointing their balls with zinc and lavender oil, I’ll hate it like the mischief, but I’ll absolutely do what’s necessary.

I heard on NPR eariler today that with the spread of the delta variant, the US isn’t going to be divided into the vaccinated and the vaccinated, but into the vaccinated and the infected.

I guess there’s no way to know. No way that all of the resultant discussion of people dying of Covid, and the post saying “good riddance” to the ignorant “Republikans” were in any way demonstrative of, for example, everyone in the thread obviously understanding what was being said.

It’s just a wacky thing to try to litigate. If you are telling yourself that you can’t see what a thread using the language in this thread, but about blood clots or whatever burning through vaccinated Democrats, and good riddance, would look like, then OK.

You’re pissed at the angry sentiment expressed in the OP. We got that. Anything else? Cause the hamster is past break time-- and he’s union.

I don’t think you’re one tenth as clever as you think you are.

I allowed that it’s reasonable to assume that the OP was wishing death on people.

But keep going, I’m sure you’re entertaining the hell out of yourself.

What do you mean, “no vaccines”? DHS and Democratic lawmakers have been working for months to ensure that undocumented immigrants can get COVID vaccination.

Republicans have been throwing huge counterproductive tantrums about it, of course, but that’s not the immigrants’ (or the Democrats’) fault.

Although I don’t support wishing death on anybody, no matter how irresponsible and antisocial they’re being, it’s ridiculous to claim that schadenfreude about tragic COVID deaths of irresponsible and antisocial antivaxxers is comparable to schadenfreude about (much rarer) tragic vaccine-side-effect deaths of responsible and conscientious pro-vaxxers.

The former group are stupidly and selfishly rejecting science and sabotaging public health, just for the sake of their idiotic conspiracy theories and victim mentality. The latter group are prudently and responsibly following the best public-health advice promoting improved protection for themselves, their loved ones, the whole country and the world at large against a deadly disease.

No, neither group of people deserves death or death wishes for their behavior. But obviously it’s far more reasonable and justifiable to be angry and outraged about the behavior of the former group than the latter.

What are the alleged 15% of unvaccinated American Olympic athletes possibly thinking? Risking all that hard work?

Why be coy about this? It’s perfectly obvious what the OP means. It’s a perfectly reasonable sentiment shared by many.

I understand this sentiment, I am sympathetic to it, yet I also judge it to be wrong because it won’t just kill the assholes. It will also kill innocents… maybe children, maybe people who couldn’t get a day off to get the vaccine or recover from it, or people who heard the bad info and haven’t gotten good info yet.

Once again conservatives are effectively using others as human shields to wage war against the rest of us, and our lot is to just suck it up and do the right thing. Again. And keep trying to vote the motherfuckers out.

I’m saying it’s possible. It’s a stretch, and I think it’s extremely unlikely, but it’s possible the OP meant something else. I was just playing Devil’s advocate. That’s all I was saying. I’m pretty sure they were talking about the unvaccinated dying though.

I was called out as a sociopath about a year or two ago for calling republicans and ‘shit kickers’ as insects and vermin.

What a difference a year and 650,000 deaths and counting makes.

What I said then is true now: Republicans and Conservatives are killing people and they are trying to deny you and me our citizenship. That is fucking unforgivable. I fucking hate them. I don’t apologize for any of the nasty shit I say about them.

Well, that’s kind of a selective memory of the thread in question that you’ve got there. Although your (Oct. '19) thread title phrase “these insects we refer to as Republicans” was widely criticized in that thread as dehumanizing, you didn’t get called a sociopath.

You did get somewhat mocked and shamed for ridiculously intemperate and irrational claims such as stating that people who legally voted for Trump should be literally tried for treason, or that your accusations must be true because googling the phrase “Republicans are scum” returns 410,000 hits.

That was some frothing raving bullshit on your part that roundly deserved mockery, irrespective of what one thinks of mere denunciatory rhetoric like calling Republicans insects.

Actually, it was Gyrate and some other posters who were making the rational points about Republican threats to the safety and rights of US citizens in that thread. You, on the other hand, had 11 brief posts (in a 347-post thread) that mostly consisted of incoherent ranting and calling Republicans insects and Nazis.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fault you for specific predictions and analyses that you have made in various calmer moments that were rationally argued, even if some of them weren’t borne out by subsequent events. What I dislike are your after-the-fact citeless attempts to polish your reputation as a prophet by selectively condensing all the stuff you actually said into a few sanitized generalizations that you can claim in hindsight were flawlessly accurate.