Shapies - models from 3D full body scans

3D full-body scanning booth to create custom figurines

I wonder when they’re going to scale up to full-size mannequins? I suppose a full-sized figure would need a rigid skeleton with articulation points, but perhaps that can be printed too?

It seems theoretically simple: take X-rays of the subject, print the skeleton (why not use the real template?), assemble, add a means of articulation like springs, then print a flexible covering.

One step closer to Life Model Decoys.

I see the printing of one inch models as being all the rage for wealthy SCA gamers: scan yourself in your armor in a dramatic fighting pose, print, mount it on a metal base and you’ll be killing Orcs in no time. Or, print out a whole bunch of different poses for your character so you can switch figures in mid-fight (“oh, no, I’ve been knocked out!” replaces figure with prone one).

These are actually pretty cool, but like all advances in technology, it’ll be used for porn.

And porn will make it possible for that tech to grow and become cheep enough for everyone.

A full size model would be great for people who make clothes. How much it would cost, I wonder.

Whoa… Nanotechnology and femtosecond lasers got used for porn, and I wasn’t watching?