Share a minor thing you hide from your significant other

Another on the secret meals… Mrs G had a beloved pet duck as a child and forbids any eating of duck. I’ll get the occasional secret meal of Peking duck or roasted duck when on a business trip.

This is great! I take several small vacations each year on my own - usually by bicycle (with my wife’s full knowledge, of course). I love the freedom to stop wherever I want to look at something interesting to me, go at my own pace, eat what I want, when I want, and wander thru a town where no one knows me. We take vacations together and that time is also great, but I like just doing my own thing once in a while.

I can think of only a couple things she doesn’t know about: 1) my participation on this board, and over on reddit (I don’t do other social media), and 2) the music I listen to now (she has a history of mocking and humiliation of my musical tastes, so we do not share our music with one another any more. Sad, I know).

I was gonna say… lately I have a tendency to eat sweets after dinner, every day. And it’s not like a miniature Snickers or something, it’s more like … say 6 or 7 miniature “whatevers.” Sometimes more. I try to hide the evidence 100% of the time, not because he would even care all that much but because I’m embarrassed by my own lack of willpower.

He found a wrapper for a Reese’s Miniature the other day and just sorta joked about it but I was mortified. I’m sure it’s not much of a surprise to him but having it all out in the open… yeesh

I don’t like what he does with salmon. There, I’ve said it.

Bless his heart, he tries so hard, I just don’t have the heart to tell him how I feel so I eat it and don’t compliment it.

So you’re saying she knows of my ritual when she leaves town, how I take her to the airport and on the way home pick up a box of Lucky Charms?

Me too. If she asks I’ll tell her but I ain’t volunteering the info.

I play Forge of Empires in secret, when I’m at my desk working. My wife thinks video games are ridiculous. I’ve even occasionally bought extra things to enhance my play of the game, which she would find ludicrous.

I assume I am not the only poster who is perfectly happy that his partner is not aware of my every line search/pageview. :smiley:

I’m kind of baffled by the fact that I spend every evening with my wife in front of the TV, ostensibly watching “her” shows, but I’m really focused on posting here.

She knows this, she can see me, but she’s never shown the slightest curiosity in what this place is. I mean, for all she knows, I could be hanging out on a Leftie Insurgent guerrilla site, trading explosive recipes.

Who knows what she suspects you get up to when she’s out of town?

For that matter, who knows what SHE gets up to when she’s 'out of town"?

I’ve kind of done this. It used to be we’d take the same days off. Sometimes I wouldn’t announce I took a vacation day until the night before. He’d say - why didn’t you tell me? Me - I told you a week ago!! Oh well, it’s nice to have time to yourself.

A friend of mine at work had the worst possible deal. His spouse worked there too, entering vacation day data into the HR system.

It sounds like a joke but…

Really she wouldn’t understand why I’m here. And I like being able to comment without someone looking over my shoulder. It’s not like I say anything bad, secret or controversial. Besides I’ve been here a lot longer than I’ve known her.

She has seen my staff mug and didn’t care past the “it’s something on the internet” answer.

I can imagine her seeing your profile: “Dear? Umm…what is the ‘Death Pool’ and what did you have to do to win it in 2020?”

My wife would be appalled at the death pool.


Solid point. Let’s keep this between us.

That depends. What’s it worth to you?

My plan is to have a “To Be Opened In The Event Of My Death” envelope.

Along with my complete collection of MudMan comics (there are only six, they’ll fit), I’ll have my user name and password for The Dope.

And a note that says “If you really want to understand your old man, here’s a ton of my personal thoughts, opinions, and bad puns.”

I can guarantee no one will bother looking at more than a couple of my posts before they get bored.
So I guess I’m free to say whatever I want here… Potzrezebie!

Before I started my own business and started working from home I worked in an office downtown, like so many people. One year the new CEO announced that during the summer all the staff would have Friday afternoons off. For two months I left work every Friday at noon…and my wife and kids never knew. I mainly went for walks or sat in a coffee shop with a book for a few hours of peace and quiet.

As I mentioned, I work from home. Most weekdays it is just me and the cats in the house. I got into the habit of giving the cats each a little extra food around mid morning. Just a tiny bit as a treat. But the wife doesn’t approve. So the cats quickly learned that when she is home they don’t get extra food. But if my wife goes out the cats quickly run to me to tell me its safe to give them their treats! My kids know…only the wife doesn’t know about the little arrangement between me and the kitties…