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I’ll start!

Criticism appreciated!!

Let’s see what you have been writing about…

Neil :dubious:

Take a ride on The J Train!

(There’s also my LiveJournal , which is friends-only; just comment to be added.)

Oh, all right then.

My life as an expat.

Or is it?

Updated not as frequently as I’d like.


Here’s mine:

Daily posts of both classic and obscure newspaper comic strips from the 19th century to today. Read the history or just enjoy the copious sample strips. New post every day (okay, maybe I take a day off every once in a while).

Your comments appreciated.

My chronicle of my 2004 tenure in Americorps.

Interesting read. Glad you enjoyed Montreal - it’s only 1.5 hours from here. Great city…

I had an experience much like yours, in the inverse. I moved from the north to the deep south. It’s interesting to observe cultural differences between different parts of the country…

These are all great!

No real topic to my journal; just daily ramblings, memes, and an occasional picture or two.

It’s about 60% public, 30% friends-only, and 10% private (only my husband and I can view.)

I add just about anyone that comments or expresses interest in being added to the friends list.

To Baldy Go

Right now it has no particular focus, but in the new year I’m planning (hoping) to create more of a focus on book reviews. (Please check the archive links for reviews I have written so far.)

Okay, but I promise you it is the most boring and poorly kept Blog ever:

Simple Things and Their Consequences

No, mine is:


How 'bout a Moblog?

I write my blog as my cat Dolphie, a tricolored diva if ever there was one. It started as a satire of egotistical bloggers, but now it’s more than that. And the events she describes are all true too.

I don’t share personal stuff, mainly using it to bookmark webpages which catch my interests and my role-playing games stuff:

More of a group blog for the whole company, not just me.

Not updated anywhere near as often as I’d like, and mostly Angry Young Liberal philosophy and political rantings.

No theme to mine, just a lot of one-liners and occasionally a dream I’ve had:
KJ’s LiveJournal. Featuring a look into the future of Mountain Dew. :slight_smile:

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise - about simple living

Comments and critiques always welcome.