Share your Happiness with me

Life seems to be weighing pretty heavily on my shoulders this week. And so, if you would, tell me the good things that are happening in your lives. Give me something to smile about. :slight_smile:

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My husband and a group of other volunteers and veterinary specialists were recently involved in a mission to help hurricane evacuees and their pets. The mission was scaled back, and the group did not travel to Louisiana, as initially planned. They went instead to an evacuee shelter at Camp Gruber, in Oklahoma, where they distributed supplies and saw to the needs of many evacuees’ pets (mostly dogs) that were kenneled there.

Hubby was exhausted when he got back, and he lost income by taking time away from his work. Was it worth it?

Bowser says “yes.”

Well, mine is a little more mundane, but my baby started crawling this week, and when I went to pick him up from daycare today, he absolutely scrambled across that floor to get to me. 20 feet in about two seconds… and then he looked up and laughed, so proud of himself.

Then he decided to pull himself up, using my skirt, and yanked my skirt halfway down to my knees. :eek:

I have about 15 pounds of fur on my lap with a message for you: Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs from Cricket!

Can’t agree with you that that’s mundane! :wink: There’s nothing like having your baby rush to you, just for the sheer joy of you being in the same room with him! And seeing a child being so proud of such simple (to us) accomplishments gives parents a whole new perspective on life and what constitutes true success.

Labor Day–I went to help the Red Cross. While I was there, my MIL law showed up with some things we’d all bought over the weekend. She got there just as a woman showed up needing food, because she and her family had had SEVENTEEN PEOPLE (family and friends) from Mississippi move in with them, and she couldn’t afford that much extra. So I started with the bags of food my MIL brought, loading up food, toiletries, baby items, etc. I had a ball doing it, and the woman and her friend were so grateful that they hugged me tightly just before I left. Those hugs have stayed with me ever since!

I’ve been going through a really rotten time - I’m in the midst of a divorce, from a much-beloved, but controlling, jealous, not-good-for-me guy.

In the middle of all my drama, I got a job. The actual salary isn’t what you would call stupendous, but the benefits are excellent, and it’s the first stable, permanent, benefitted, salaried, real grown-up job I’ve ever had. I’m also good at it and respected by my colleagues and managers.

Also nice: *I’m * in charge of the money I’m earning. Today I set up a tax-deferred investment plan, with mutual funds I researched and picked myself. Taking control is a wonderful feeling.

It seems like, since I finally decided to free myself from my bad situation, that things are starting to fall into place. As if, by respecting myself, the universe is respecting me, too. I’m thinking that this independence business might not be so hard, after all.

This sounds like a Virginia Slims ad – yuck. Sorry. But there you go, that’s my good news for today.

I got a killer haircut yesterday. :smiley:

WhyBaby gained 3 pounds in the last 3 weeks! Very exciting - she’s now all the way up to the 50th percentile for her adjusted age (from the 5th percentile last month). And the developmental clinic at the hospital today said she’s doing amazingly well with no signs of developmental delay! (knockonwood, godforbid, praiseallah)

From 1 pound 4 ounces to over 11 pounds in seven months. Amazing!

Mr2U is not going to jail. He gets 30 days (suspended), two years probation, 720 hours of community service, fines, a donation, court costs, etc., but he’s not going to jail!

What? It made us happy!! Sometimes you have to take what life gives you and WORK to find something good in all of it…

My friends are having tough times right now, and have to drive out of state today. I get to help them by looking after their place- it’s one less thing they have to worry about. To make it even better, I get to look after two kitties and two large, affectionate dogs! Very much looking forward to lots of “The Pettins” :slight_smile:

I am off today and had a huge NASTY CHORE that I have dreaded for 2 weeks. Lat minute phone call put the off, NASTY CHOREprobably forever – so I have a free day suddenly and without warning (and am spending some of it on the SDMB)

I’m taking meds for high blood pressure and they’re working.

Both numbers fell by 18 points at my last doctor’s visit.

My husband tried to buy some lady’s watch on the subway this morning. Apparently she was wearing the Swatch I used to own in high school and have been trying to find ever since, but she wouldn’t sell (can you blame her? Motorboy was the weird guy on the subway today!).

So on the way home he bought me a little purple change purse & a notepad instead. Even though I had no idea his first attempt at a surprise fell through today. Made my evening.

Today was my last day at a job that’s really been sucking ass for quite some time. Monday I start a new job in a completely different field.

I’m excited, and completely scared shitless.


I had Wednesday off. I went for a drive in the country visiting book stores. The weather was perfect and the scenery was very nice. I bought some locally grown apples and root beer at a country store. I bought some quality tea from a tea importer. And I bought a ridiculous amount of books.

Today I successfully left a job that I had outgrown. Yes, I had the ultimate work at home position - ENVELOPE STUFFING!, among other tasks. And I quit. Four hand truck loads of boxes out of my now uncluttered den. Yippee!!!

I love my new job.

And even better news…my brother’s friend’s parents got out of New Orleans a week after H.K. (through the attic, to a freeway overpass, and on to the Superdome). They are now getting settled in a house near their son. Many kind people have donated furnishings. They have great new neighbors who are bringing meals and treats over. My brother is building a computer for them tonight.

And tonight I get to go to bed early and not turn on the alarm. :smiley:

I’m working nights, which means lots of money for little work. It feels like I’m on a permanent vacation that occasionally requires me to come into the office and hang around.

I’ve changed my diet and started training. I’m rapidly losing weight and looking great. It seems that every time I pass a mirror, I look better than the time before.

I’m single and extremely happy being single.

I live in a kickass apartment a ten-minute bike ride from wherever I’d ever want to go. My apartment is clean, modern and just great.

I’ve recently qualified for the Swedish Nationals of the collectible card game Magic the Gathering. Playing there is going to be a blast.

All in all, my life rocks.

Tonight I get to go to bed late and not turn on the alarm. :slight_smile:

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m pathetic. :wink: But starting off the week with 2.5 hours of sleep and capping it last night with three, I’m one slumped puppy (a happy one, though).

I don’t know if it’s a good thing but my parrot just told me to get knotted.