Sharing my success on eharmony.

Just wanted to post a follow up to my pit thread bitching about online dating services and the people who post to them.

I tried eharmony and in less than 2 weeks I have in fact met an amazing woman who is as into me as I am into her. I never would have thought it could happen so fast but it did. They actually gave me about 15 matched in the 2 weeks, though I only talked to 2 and am now down to this one girl who is awsome.

I tried for a little while and the people on there were just not very appealing, though I did get a fair amount of emails.

eharmony is definitely different than any other online service and I gotta say, it worked for me and it worked fast. This girl is beautiful, smart, loving, and sexy as hell and I’m already nuts about her. I’m sure we will have a long run ahead of us (knock on wood).

Anyway, there you go!

I’m glad to hear it, Stinkpalm.

I wish I could say my experience has been the same. I’ve been on eHarmony for almost 3 months now, and have yet to come across anyone I’m all that interested in.

So, obviously, YMMV.

Or, rather, the ones I’m interested in don’t respond to my requests for communication. The net effect is the same, really.

At first I didn’t like thier policy of not allowing communication unless BOTH people had paid dues. After messing with match for a while though I can appreciate it. On match there are a TON of people who (at least appear) to be fishing for compliments or trying to see how many people would go after them. By forcing people to pay ( a somewhat hefty $50 for a month) it sorts out the people who are not serious about finding someone for a real relationship. I also like the policy of not automatically showing the pictures.

If you are going to renew you should do a search on google for eharmony promo code . There are some coupon websites that have them listed there. I was already going to try it for one month for $50 and decided to search for a code in google and found one for 3 months for $50. As far as I know it is legal because eharmony accepted the code.

Good luck to you though.