Sharing My Sunday

I am getting my Gordon Setter Nick ready for a big show in Louisville next week and took him to his handler’s house to be groomed. I have known Amy for years, she is a vet & raises Gordons & German Shorthair Pointers; my friend Gary went with me (about 2 hr. drive) with his Gordon, Lexie.

We groomed Nick, played with the Pointer pups, and worked a gob of dogs on birds, including letting the pups see their first quails. The weather was gorgeous, sunny & mid 50’s. I got to play with Amy’s horse Shadow, it was good to get the smell of horse under my nails. :slight_smile:

A few pics:

My boy, all cleaned up:

My boy pointing:

My friend Gary & his dog Lexie on point:

The Shorthair pups pointing birds in the mesh bag:

2 of the pups trying to get in my van:

Shadow the horse and unnamed sheep:

So… how was YOUR Sunday??