Sharing the random thoughts in my mind...

  • I have had songs from The Sound of Music running through my head for the better part of a week. Why? No idea, I haven’t even watched that movie in years.

  • The NBA has to be on life support in terms of fan base. I am a basketball junkie but I won’t even think of watching a game until the playoffs.

  • I can’t imagine a time that my house won’t have a dog in it. On the other hand, if I spend more than 2 seconds about the short life span, I really just about lose it. Good lord, I am getting sensitive. Nothing like watching a big oaf tear up.

  • The Cubs will still win the World Series. Hey, why not? They ain’t eliminated yet.

  • I kind of want a Segway of my own.

  • I am 90% vegetarian. I question the death penalty. I am really partial towards animals (except those bastions of pure evil - cats). So, at least I am not a total automaton of the Republican party.

  • If I won the lottery (even some obscene amount), I would still finish grad school, I would not move, and I would show up for work the next day since I don’t want to leave people in the lurch. After about a month, I would never work again, I would have a sparkling new truck, and I would pay off the debts of my relatives. However, if you saw me walking down the street, you would never know I was loaded. I’d still dress like a slob and not have a change in attitude. I’d squirrel loads of cash away for future generations.

  • My 5 year love affair with ranch dressing seems to slowly be morphing into an italian dressing kind of mood. For some reason, this makes me a little bit edgy.

Where else would you have random thoughts? Your arse?

When Donkeys Fly.

Selfish bastard. Think about the poor Bullets fans like myself- our postseason action involves watching ping pong balls.

Hey that sounds fun.

-I really want a 160GB harddrive.
-My sister is a really annoying b*tch.
-Must get more mp3s.
-Must get food.
-I cant think of anything else to say.
-Ill just quote some of the earlier posts to fill up my post.
-Hmm, putting my signature in this post will make it seem bigger also. ill do that.

Maybe thats a sign that you should watch the film more often?

[li]I wish my little sister would call me because I want to hear her story that will most likely epitomize being a senior in high school[/li][li]still working on all the questions that ** confidence ** is the answer to[/li][li]I’m really worried about my friend who got released from the hospital yesterday becasue he tried to commit suicide[/li][li]I am also really worried about my other friend who just found out his dad has liver cancer (and his whole family)[/li][li]I * really * need to figure out what i am doing for next semester[/li][li]Someday I really want to be able to fluently speak Dutch and French[/li][li]I * need * to learn of fabulous new bands to listen to[/li][/ul]

hmm, kind of therapeutic. Don’t worry, I won’t make a habit of it.

  1. I’m going camping for the weekend, and I’m psyched, even though I’m gonna freeze my ass off.

  2. I upped my workout time, and the Puritan in me is rejoicing.

  3. I need to get gas and check my oil.

  4. I’m hungry.

  5. I have a steak defrosting.

  6. I finally answered all of my e-mail for the first time in weeks.

  7. I wish I had a kitty cat.

Not having anything better to do, I’ll play along. Besides, this is fun, people! :slight_smile:

[li]My sister’s really annoying![/li][li]I wonder if I should go out for dinner tonight.[/li][li]I really want a new computer system![/li][li]Wonder if the Canucks will win the hockey game tonight?[/li][li]Where can I get bubble gum in a tube (otherwise known as “purple gum that you squeeze”) for little David?[/li][li]Why am I sneezing?[/li][li]It’s so nice outside; I should go out instead of staying in![/li][li]I hope my friends have a good time camping this weekend.[/li][li]I hope my friend’s doing okay after that bombshell news announcement last week…[/li][li]I should really call a few people that I know; maybe tonight.[/li][/ul]