Sharp Objects (mini series on HBO)

This debuted a week ago Sunday; anyone watching it? I only saw the first ep and am looking forward to watching the second one tonight.

As usual, I won’t ramble too much until I know if anyone else is interested but I will say I think it’s really good so far.

For anyone not familiar, it’s based on a book by Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl, Dark Places)and directed by Jean-Marc Vallee (Big Little Lies), and stars the lovely Amy Adams and the formidable Patricia Clarkson. It’s about a woman who works as a reporter and goes to the home town she left right after high school to do a story on child disappearance / murders. Much closet dwelling skeleton escape ensues. Patricia Clarkson as the socialite dotty and delicate family matriarch is DELICIOUS.

There are so many details and so much nuance, after watching it once I went back to watch again and stop / rewind because I kept thinking “did I just see what I thought I just saw?” The soundtrack could not be better, especially the song that plays over the closing credits (or at least ep 1’s).

I know not everyone has HBO - I signed up for a trial month and may or may not keep it for an extra month so I can finish the the series- but hopefully some of you will tune in soon.

I read the book, but it’s been long enough ago that I don’t remember anything other than it disturbed me.

I’m enjoying the series, two episodes in. At first I was really bothered by what seemed like such a little thing - Camille wears way too many clothes for the climate, especially judging by the sweat stains on other characters. The long sleeved sweatshirt/shirt and jeans really bothered me as a continuity error, until I realized last night that it’s a deliberate choice for a couple of reasons.

It had been quite awhile since I’d read the book and though I remembered Camille’s er, problem, I didn’t even notice the inappropriate wardrobe until the reveal in the last scene of the 1st ep.:smack: The little thing that sticks in my mind is that no one that drinks as much as Camille does would look that good. But Amy Adams is doing such a good job, I can overlook her gorgeousness :stuck_out_tongue: I also didn’t realize Amma was the same girl as the one with the three girls that greet Camille when she arrives at the park.

Without spoiling the show: who is Sharp, and why does he object?

I recommend the book. Gillian Flynn is one of the few authors who really gets under my skin. Which I mean as a compliment.

She is one writer who manages to equal Russian literature in causing depression…

I wholly agree and this show, so far, is more than doing it justice.

I read the book several years ago, enough to remember who the murderer is but not all the nuances. I am enjoying it…lots of disjointed images that will connect later, Amy Adams is superb. I always had a bit of a crush on Patricia Clarkson ever since The Green Mile. Young Beverly from IT plays young Camille, and I swear casting agents are getting better and better at this type of thing.

I recently read a book by Krysten Ritter called Bonfire. It had the same atmospheric feel as Gillian Flynn’s books…I can’t quite explain it, but her writing struck me as similar. Same theme…small town girl who made it big comes back home to confront her past/bury her ghosts/solve the mystery.

Beat me to it.:slight_smile:

I sort of like the glacial pace of the show. It’s limited series, so we know there will be an ending soon, not just wandering around trying to figure it out.

So Camille checked herself into a clinic dealing with cutters? I didn’t think there was such a specific treatment center…I thought it would be lumped in with other mental disorders. It looks like her roommate swallowed Drano…helluva painful way to die.

I did think it was odd that Ashley was wearing a cheerleader uniform, unless that’s the kink her boyfriend it in to.

I didn’t quite catch what happened at the hog farm…did the worker give Amma a pig, or was she giving one back?

With a mother like Adora, I don’t blame Camille for trying to get away as fast as she could.

Did anyone watch last night’s (Aug. 19) episode (Episode 7)? Wow … this has gotten so creepy.

Just out of curiosity, are you both Yes, Minister fans?

Any theories on who the killer is?

Camille and Richard can’t be because they’re from out of town.

John - the cops suspect him, so he’s probably not it

Bob Nash - again looks like the obvious plot decoy

Adora - we now know what her deal is so it’s unlikely she also killed the other two girls

Amma - she just might be fucked up enough

Alan - a seriously repressed man who is cooperating with Adora - pretty good suspect


Chief Vickery?

Ashley the Cheerleader? - the blood was found in her boathouse

What do you all think?

I haven’t read the books, so this is all a guess.

Adora and the Chief who is in fact Camille’s father.

Hm … it never occurred to me to wonder about Camille’s paternity. Adora and the chief are close, but I got the feeling that Adora considers him like a servant rather than a paramour. Who knows?

The flashbacks in this show are devastating.

What about the scenes in which Camille is swimming in a pond and some boys show up? Do you suppose that was the incident in which she was gang-raped? She seemed awfully young in that scene.

I believe she said she was 13when she was raped by the football team at the shack. If you remember, when Camille was flirting with the detective, one of the women remarked that the women in her family do live men with badges.

I knew there would be people who got the reference.

Great thought process! Early on I thought it was Alan. For some reason I think the bartender has something to do with it - did you notice in Episode 6 (I believe), when Camille and John were at the bar drinking (Wind Gap Bar) - the bartender had his right sleeve rolled up and we see a big black spider tattoo - Natalie collected spiders. Camille set one free from a jar in her room; John left his girlfriend one night (when she is frantically cleaning something), he returns with a spider in jar. I don’t know what to make of it, but he’s been such a background character that it would be quite a shocker. And, at Natalie’s funeral, he was on the back porch with some others, talking about how the killer removed the teeth from her mouth. Part of me thinks Adora secretly resented Natalie and Ann because they reminded her of Camille and she did them in, or had someone do them in. If Alan can stand by and watch her slowly try to kill Amma, what would stop him from doing her dirty work with Natalie and Ann? There is a theory that Amma craves Adora’s attention so much that she (with the help of her friends) killed Natalie and Ann. Remember Calhoun Day when she was on the stage performing and John and Ann’s father got into a fight? I could not figure out why in the world this would have upset Amma so much, to make her run into the woods… One thought is that she could not bear not being the center of attention. After Camille finds her in the woods, we next see Amma in bed with Adora caring for her, which by her own admission, she craves. Please let me have your thought on this! None of my friends watch the show and I know I am driving my mama crazy with my questions and theories! Final question - what did Amma do with the pig that she took from the farm??

I did! I was up late tossing and turning theories in my head! Who are your top contenders for the murderers?

I believe the rape happened when she had long hair and was in the cheerleader outfit. I think the pond scene was prior to this.