Shatner Roast: Scripted?

I thought it was pretty funny, but I gotta believe that it was totally scripted. The only question I have is were the participants allowed their own writers or was the whole thing written by whoever produced the show. Was this one in a series?

The comedians write their own material, and there’s writers to provide material for the non-comedians. I think I already knew this, but this was confirmed for me recently by Jeffery Ross on Adam Corolla’s podcast.

Also, it’s longer than they show. They edit it down to show the best jokes.

So The Situation stayed on the Trump roast, why, again?

I’m assuming The Situation was probably on one of the “celebrity” Apprentices?

The Comedy Central Roasts SUCK. It’s the same damn people every year, who have absolutely no connection to the person they’re roasting (at least Greg Giraldo was funny). Roasting is about paying tribute to the people you know and love, and it’s always a lot funnier to watch John Stamos roast Bob Saget than some random comedian who has probably never even worked with him before.

Comedy Central should have just stuck with that Friar’s Club contract they had for 5 years.

So we could point and laugh at him. I have a feeling it was the friars’ way of roasting Situation without actually having to honor him.

The Situation was not on Celebrity Apprentice.

Everybody loves watching a F-list celebrity douche crash and burn…and if it’s bad enough, it becomes marketing appeal (at the douche’s expense, but hey, who cares? schadenfreude!)

welcome to 21st century celebrity marketing!