Shatner sings Pulp's 'Common People'



Y’know, I didn’t hate it.

A great song shines through.

Ooo, check out the full track listing of his upcoming album:

“Common People” (with Joe Jackson)
“It Hasn’t Happened Yet”
“You’ll Have Time”
“Trying” (with Ben Folds and Aimee Mann)
“What Have You Done”
“Together” (with Lemon Jelly)
“Familiar Love”
“Ideal Woman”
“Has Been”
“I Can’t Get Behind That” (with Henry Rollins)
“Real” (with Brad Paisley)

It’s not awful, but it lacks something. The original is my favorite Pulp track, and is delivered with real feeling. Shatner is kind of walking through it.

It really hits home when the actual singing starts. Since the two voices step on one another, and I see Joe Jackson credited, I’m guessing that Mr. Jackson is the one doing the singing, which is delivered with real feeling instead of the Shatneriffic quality of the rest.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a hearty “don’t care enough to come up with a number.”

Band name.

I think the problem is that El Shatto has no empathy or connection with actual common people in real life - the song needs genuine bitterness in it’s delivery.

Sings the phrase:- “smoke some fags…” without a wince tho’


  • only it must have been Joe doing that bit (“sings” rather than "overacts"giving the game away)


But then, I could listen to The Transformed Man all day. so take my opinion with a grain of salt (or a salt vampire).