Shave-reducing skin lotion

I’m getting down to the last few squirts of my current bottle of shave-reducing skin lotion – a formula that claims to (and does, at least to my satisfaction) reduce the need for frequent leg-shaving by slowing the growth of hair and softening and lightening the stuff that does grow. I like this stuff, esp. in winter, when my legs are covered and I’ll go weeks at a time without shaving. (There’s one of the unheralded advantages of sleeping alone.)

Anyway, I checked the lotion aisle in the supermarket – didn’t see it – so I went next door to the drugstore – nope, nada. Are they no longer making this stuff? Or do I just need to go to a signicantly bigger drugstore?

Well, the beauty industry is cyclical, much like everything else. A few years ago, every company had a hair-reducing product, now I only know of two:

Jergens Naturally Smooth
Roc Soya

However, neither of these are now the premier line of either brand - Jergens has moved into the Natural Glow line (the type with a small amount of self tanner) and Roc has moved into a firming product.

So - can you find it? Well, dunno. Target online seems to suggest that they have it, but when you follow the link there’s no product to order.

This particular type of product is being phased out I think - I would try older, lower traffic drugstores - they tend to sell through stock slower and they may still have a bottle or two lying around.

Alternatively, you could contact ROC or Jergens directly. ROC’s website is here: For Jergens, I haven’t been able to find a specific site.

Humm - Ok, I found the jergens site:

The no longer list the naturally smooth product at all. So, I’m again going to suggest older, low-traffic drug stores - you might find a bottle or two lying around, but I think long term you’re going to have to stock up on shavers. :frowning:

Thanks for the info, alice – knowing that it’s going bye-bye, though not welcome info, is useful. I found a site that still has it and ordered six bottles.

I’m not going to say how much those six bottles cost (with shipping) because the total was a bit :eek: – but I’ve got a shave-reducing monkey on my back (and oh, what a delightfully hairfree monkey it is!)

How on earth do you shave your own back?

:smiley: :wink:

Aw, heck. I didn’t even know this stuff existed, and now I want some just as I find out it’s no longer available. Welcome to my life. :smiley:

Google “jergens skin cream” and you’ll end up with links to various sites that sell various kinds, including the shave-reducer.

There are also many people selling this stuff on eBay.

I hate shaving too. So I started getting my legs waxed. A bit expensive, yes, but oh so worth it!

Aveeno also makes a shave reducing lotion. It’s called Postively Smooth.

When I’m feeling kind to myself, I buy this:

It’s expensive, but the bottle lasts forever so the tag’s fallen off by the time you throw it away. Smooth as a baby’s butt indeed