SHE bites off his testicles, and HE'S charged with rape (evil TMI for guys, heh heh)

Pointless, but definitely not mundane. We need an “evil grin” emoticon.

Chicago Tribune: Castrated man charged in attack (May 19, 2001)

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Summary:A woman turned in severed testicles to police officers in Chicago saying she bit them off a man who ordered her to perform a sex act on him. Later a man who arrived at a local hospital with injuries consistent with the woman’s account was arrested by police.
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One of those times when you just really enjoy being a cop, I bet. “Here you go, officer, I bit these off a guy about half an hour ago, a couple blocks from here. No, I don’t know where he is now. Check the hospitals, why doncha?”

[sub]note: the perp’s address, given in the link, says he lives about half a block from the police station. This proves something, but I don’t know what.[/sub]
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Sofa King must be turning over in his grave.


Aaaaaaagh…noooo…sweet Jesus please let me die!

My balls have withdrawn and shall forever refuse to come out.

Damn, that woman’s awesome!

I never understood the concept of forced oral copulation. It’s like holding up an investment banker at gunpoint and handing him all your money to invest for you. Might as well wear a neon headpiece that says, “DESTROY ME AT YOUR MOST OPPORTUNE MOMENT.”

If one wants to brutalize a woman, just tie her to a chair and make her watch The Three Stooges.

There was a woman on Ophra who did something similar. A guy entered her home and forced her to do oral sex. She bit him and grabbed his balls and held him until the police arrived. The guy was asking for mercy all the time.

Normally, lost testicle stories got me sqirming in my seat like Jello on a vibrating bed. However, I have no sympathy for a potential (alleged) rapist. Good for her.


i’m sure he will have a most interesting time in prison.

cynical side: when will the article on the law suit be written?

I’m not sure the newspaper story is believable. Go ask any one who has had any experience in/with castrating farm animals. There is a reason this is done with a very, very sharp blade and when the animal is very young or very sedated. Unless the alleged rapist was very drunk or very high, I have trouble believing the job can be done with the human jaw. A hunk of scrotum— maybe. But the whole dammed thing— unlikely. The idea does incite a wish to withdraw, if you would.

You may be underestimating the power of the human jaw muscles while attached to a woman who doesn’t want to get raped. As a man, I hope she ground the testes in dirt and broken glass, just in case they tried to reattach them. The “boys” are attached by skin and a few tubes, I’m confident it would not be a prob to remove them.

Wasn’t there something in “Shawshank Redemption” that agreed with this? I recall Tim Curry’s character, when being confronted with someone wanting a blowjob, to indicate that the human jaw, when properly energized (as they certainly would be in this case), could be the jaws of death, so to speak.

Adrenaline does some wacky things.

Too cool! I couldn’t access the story…but I was a rape crisis (volunteer) counselor at Denver General for seven years. Some of the women (and one man) had stories that were just horrible; how could one human do THAT to another human being?

I wish more of the women I saw had been able to retaliate in a similar fashion. Unfortunately, most were too drunk or high to do so at the time, which is a shame!

I’m with you, Crunchy. As a red-blooded male, the thought of testicle injury usually causes a solid hour of facial tics. But this yo-yo, well, there’s so little intersection between my life and his that I have no problem cackling at his fate.

Just another example of the old truism: crime makes you stupid…

It was Tim Robbins, and the scene was one of the inmates told him to perform oral sex. Robbins refused, saying if the dick went in his mouth, he’d bite it off. The inmate said if he bit down, he’d stab Robbins in the ear with a shiv (or something). Robbins explained if that happened, the moment of death would cause his jaws to tense up, biting the penis off.

That’s how I remember it, anyway.

Ashley thoughtfully takes “Tim Curry” out, and replaces it with “Tim Robbins” for 'punha.

Tim Robbins is cute. He played Jacob in “Jacob’s Ladder”.

Biting through the scrotum was a better choice for maximum damage then trying to bite off some penis. Too chewy—the penis consists of three bodies of erectile tissue ensheathed in two layers of fascia attached to the body by deep suspensory ligaments. Testicles only hang suspended by the ductus deferens suspended by the superficial fascia within the skin.

Wow, Cyn…

I can’t TELL you how impressed I am! Do you have a Merck Manual or something?

I think Cyn just has the latest Genital Tissues for Dummies.

Yeah, thats what happened. The guy is like “Where you learn this s—?!” and Tim Robbins just goes “I read it”. I believe they called those guys “The Sisters” although it was an all male prison. Later the warden sayssomething about how he’ll “Put [Andy] with the sodomites, and you’ll think you got f—ed by a train”
[sub] was that a hijack?[/sub]