She Gets Revenge- American Horror Story episode 10 [spoiler alert]

So I have been watching this one week-by-week instead of in a glurge on Netflix. It may be the best one of all, it incorporates the elements of all the previous installments while presenting new ideas as well.

Lady Gaga has turned in a fabulous, vampiric performance. But, it appears she has been shot dead by Liz, right at the end of episode 10. So where is this story going, then? There are still 4 more episodes, and I thought this was going to be all about the Countess, but now apparently it is not, so this is wonderful television indeed.

I could say so much more about this season of AHS, but I would like to give it over to our audience…

She’ll be back. Everyone killed in the hotel seems to come back so I’m certain we’ll see her again. I do like how so many times on this show, characters I thought were leads are just suddenly killed. (Though that hasn’t meant they are out of the show.)

It appears she’s dead, especially because of the previews, but they’ve been misleading before. And also, just because someone is dead doesn’t mean that they are gone from the show. I was wondering how a ghost of a vampire would be, but then I remembered that they aren’t technically vampires on the show, but humans infected with a virus that just mimics vampirism in several ways. It would be weird to kill her off and not have her be on the rest of the episodes, but you can’t ever predict what’s going to happen on the show. I would think a suitable ending would be for Donovan and Ramona and others that she’s wronged to close her up in the prison hall that she left Ramona and Will Drake in.

I’m really enjoying this season. It’s a mess like every season, but a fun, beautiful mess. The cliffhanger was super great. Lady Gaga is obviously not an actress, but she’s fine, and she can wear the hell out of her outfits. And the character and writing were obviously crafted to suit her talents. And Liz Taylor is everything. Denis O’Hare is always a highlight in every season, and in everything else I’ve seen him in. In an ideal world there would be a Liz Taylor and Iris spin-off show.

I thought this season was too grim and bloody. I love Lady Gaga, though she isn’t much of an actress she looks great. Liz and Iris kept me watching, and I just about stood up and cheered at the end of that episode! :smiley: which was the best one in this season so far. … Wasn’t that the Peter Pan kid from the Geico commercial in with the GaGa-pire kiddies?