She goes six feet deep this time

Linda Lovelace, from the porn classic Deep Throat, passed away in Denver last night at age 52, following a horrible car crash and weeks on life support. Something I didn’t know: she never appeared in another film, and claims to never have been paid for that appearance, although the film grossed $600 million. It was filmed in, drum roll please, Miami, and released in 1972. She became an anti-porn activist afterwards.

I intended to make a witty comment, but the words fail me. Especially since I always figured that in Heaven, there is no gag reflex.

She was in a number of films after Deep Throat. IMDB’s filmography.

She was the stupidest anti-porn activist ever. I skimmed her book, and despite the spin she put on it, her actual account is that of a woman brutalized by an abusive husband who forced her to do a porn flick (among other things), not that of a woman brutalized by the porn industry itself.

Having had to endure Catharine Mackinnon (and having an exam looming next week), I might have to disagree on who’s the stupidest anti-porn activist ever.

amen, matt- I had her diatribe, I mean class, in law school… she was the worst instructor I have had for any subject in my entire educational life, including driver’s ed.

AND, I agreed with many of her points!

I can say that I’ve actually seen Deep Throat.


  • s.e.

You are correct, RT, I meant to say she never filmed another PORN movie. She did some heavy R stuff, and her image was in several more, taken from the Deep Throat footage. I also took the Sky News at it’s word, and parroted their statement “Lovelace, who never appeared in any other film”, which is obviously false.

And of COURSE there is no gag reflex in Heaven!

Heard on the radio this morning:

“At her funeral, I wonder if they’ll be releasing swallows?”