She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

I’m not picking on your post in particular. But I keep getting confused between references to “Titania” (the silly villainess) and “Tatiana” (the name of the lead actress). Causes the occasional mix-up until I take a second look.

Anyone else having this problem, or is it just me?

Poll: Are you having a problem with the names being similar: “Titania” (the silly villainess) and “Tatiana” (the name of the lead actress).

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Honestly, I’m having a much harder time with Jennifer Walter / Jessica Walter.

I also keep thinking it’s “Jessica.”

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that I can’t remember whether the actress’s name is Tatiana Maslany or Titania Maslany. Just that when I see one of the names in print, I have to pause a moment to make sure I know which one is being referenced.

If She-Hulk goes up against Dr. Bong I will die happy.

In comic book tradition, She-Hulk should have met Dr. Bong in episode 5.

I can’t remember the names of the actors, so I’m probably misreading it the other way.

Yeah, until I read this I genuinely thought in this quote, Biffster was talking about the silly villainess.

There’s just something compelling about Tatiana that I find lured me in. Not so much as Jen but when she’s green and 7 feet tall, I’m smitten. I guess if someone doesn’t like her they prolly wouldn’t like the show much either.

Samesies. Moi aussi.

I haven’t been this confused since Summer Glau played River Tam.

I watched the Wedding episode last night, not my favourite episode. I wonder if this show will eventually “get into gear” like Wanda Vision did. There is a bit of an ominous ending showing someone is looking to get her blood. I actually thought that would happen at the wedding, and that was why she was been asked not to turn into She-Hulk. I feel a bit cheated when there is not extra scene after the credits.

Mostly agreed. I thought it was a bit of a lackluster episode, although the stuff back at the law firm with Mallory and Nicki dealing with Mr. Immortal was kind of amusing. I had wondered when the Wrecking Crew attack would come back into the plot again. That obviously wasn’t just a random mugging attempt.

Anyone who believes that the nice guy Jen was flirting with at the wedding won’t turn out to be in league with the conspiracy to steal her blood has obviously never watched a television show before.

I very much like that the other members of the firm taking cases is prominent in the show. Too often, the star of the show will seem like the only employee of his or her firm, others showing up only when the star’s character has need of them.

Indeed. The hero/heroine can never have nice things.

The end sketches were amusing, including Titania at the dentist and the “20 seconds eye contact”.

I think an attorney upthread posted surprised appreciation that the showrunners knew that a criminal law lawyer like Jen wouldn’t necessarily know intellectual property law, as Mallory does.

I also liked that we got a little bit of personal information about Mallory, that she’s married and has kids. Okay, that’s not a huge amount of character development, but it’s more than supporting characters often get.

I wondered if they’ve purposefully made a change on this. The last scenes in these last two episodes (the Daredevil helmet and the lab) would have fit pretty well as after-credit scenes instead. It seems a bit strange that they’d have credit scenes for the first 4 episodes, and then not for these two, even when they have these scenes available.

I hear what you’re saying. At the same time, I enjoy the easy fun of the show enough that I look forward to it every week without it ever “getting into gear”. I mean, I assume there will be more of a plot/conflict/climax at some point, but I don’t currently mind the lack.

Where WandaVison was a sit-com that wasn’t a sitcom; She-Hulk is a sit-com that is a sit-com. It’s difficult for some viewers to make that adjustment.