She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

I like to say each episode is an issue of a comic book instead of a graphic novel.

Indeed; it has a very different feel from any of the other Disney+ MCU series so far. Last week’s episode (the court case against Titania) had no action scenes in it at all; this week’s episode had the short fight that Titania picked with Jen.

I don’t mind this; I like the show quite a bit. But, it definitely is a very different show.

I’m wishing more and more they’d gone a different route for effects. Better CGI but less of it, two actresses shoulderpads and platform shoes, freaking anything. The more I watch the show, the more distracting the CGI becomes.

Which is a shame, because I really am enjoying the rest of it.

I wonder if Titania dropped the camera to spy on Jen. Because it seems like a coincidence that it was peeping at her near where they fought. And who has dancing before the wedding? It felt staged.

It seems to me that they plan for this to be an ongoing series, too. There’s been no confirmation of this, but as the storyline is not world-shatteringly epic (see Loki, Moon Knight, and even Ms Marvel), it can be more episodic, and continue on comfortably in that style without needing to introduce a new villainous mega-arc each season.

Samesies. Not only am I enjoying the “low stakes” nature of the show, but I would be totally okay with the show being completely “no stakes.” In fact, I’d like to see more of the lawyers from GLK&H practicing superhuman law, preferably with D/E-list Marvel characters as their clients, and for every second of screen time that’s not that to pretty much be “Jen goes ________________________, and then superhuman hijinks happen!”, where you just fill in the blank with, “… to a wedding,” “… to a Dodgers game with her dad,” “… to a spa,” “… to the grocery store,” “… on a date,” etc., plus the occasional character development stuff, like Pug being a sneakerhead.

I so felt for Jen when she was told she couldn’t be her new self at the wedding. I had something similar happen to me once, except in my case I found out ahead of the wedding. I cancelled the vacation and threw away the plane ticket.

TBH that didn’t hit for me. Up until this episode she’s been upset when people want She-Hulk instead of her real self. The 180 out of nowhere just didn’t feel believable.

I mean, part of the story is her accepting that both halves of her are her. She wants the right to be both/either at HER discretion, not anyone else’s. (Same way some Muslim women are protesting to wear head coverings and some are protesting NOT to wear head coverings…)

(I mean, if she did show up at a wedding and was She-Hulk and everyone was just goggling at her instead of paying attention to the actual marriage, that would be kind of a dick move on her part… but someone who genuinely liked her enough to invite her to a wedding ought to trust her enough not to be a dick in the first place. It’s like if you know someone who often wears extremely wacky and crazy clothes, or has bonkers haircuts, either invite them to the wedding or don’t. But don’t invite them and also sit them down and tell them they can’t be who they are.)

And it’s clear they just invited her because they thought she’d just be a warm body or a doormat. “Just Jen”, basically.

Yeah, but you know she’d turn, breaking the fourth wall, and mutter:

“Snakes…why did it have to be snakes?!?”

To be fair, Sidewinder (or whoever the hell is running the Society these days) can retort “It’s great for marketing!! Why should the heroes be the only guys with t-shirts and action figures?”