Sheen-a-thon--Will Charlie's career survive?

There should have been an option: “He will survive to a certain extent but he’s definitely fallen off the A list (and possibly the B list).”

I picked the first option but i would have said popular rather than talented.

I picked 3, because there is always the possibility of redemption if someone thinks they can make a buck off of giving him another chance (when he chills the fuck out).

Charlie Sheen has fans? Speaking as a bored onlooker, I thought this was all a circus of bored onlookers gawking at the spectacle of a deranged rich guy reveling in self-annihilation.

His show may not survive but he will. Hollywood is full of people who’ve had meltdowns and come back. Rita Hayworth melted down several times, she feuded with Harry Cohn (evidently the ONLY man she didn’t sleep with) and he kept her on and she was huge. First female to be awarded full control of her career.

Mariah Carey melted down and came back strong. Britney Spears melted down and then went on to have two more hit albums.

Judy Garland was a mess all the way around but she always came back.

Suzanne Somers and Farah Fawcett made very powerful men angry and they both went on to recover.

The thing is the amount of money is so huge that even when these superstars meltdown down they can still earn a lot. So if Sheen’s erratic behaviour costs him two million an episode, someone will come along and offer him a million or five hundred thousand an episode. So he won’t earn AS much, for awhile. Big deal the reduced amount is still a fortune. Plus the people offering him the “second chance” can recoup on publcity and goodwill (as in “Look what I did to help him recover”)

Sheen’s career will survive, however his show “Two And A Half Men,” might not.

But even then he’s got the advantage. CBS only has one other show “The Big Bang Theory” that could replace it. But CBS has established quite a good following on Thursday. CBS has been wanting a second comedy night for decades, and it looks like they got it. So to move TBBT back to Monday, means giving that up.

Add to that Sheen is basically acting like the character he portrays, this only adds to the publicity value and drives up ratings on the reruns of his show.

This has not been a meltdown, this is pure apotheosis, and it’s amazing to witness it. We should all be grateful.

Martin Sheen publicly aired his concern for Charlie’s wellbing, my opinion is that Charlie’s at serious risk. I hope he survives to redeem himself, if only for his kid’s sake.

I fail to see what the big deal is. Replace his name with Frank Sinatra in most of these stories and most would think nothing of it.

No matter how bad it might get for his career he will always have made-for-SyFy to fall back on.

Provided he lives that long.

Did Frank ever give an interview like the one Sheen gave GMA? Seriously, he may as well have mounted the balcony and shouted: “I AM A GOLDEN GOD!”

Up until this week, I’d agree with you. The manic interview is tough to get over, though. Just ask Tom Cruise (whose career isn’t dead, but who has become more a butt of jokes than a franchise star).

Agree that he hasn’t Gibsoned. A cool down, some time out of the spotlight, a “man I was an out of control asshole!” mea maxima culpa, he can have a comeback. I doubt anybody would ever give him a series again but then I doubt he’d want one (major stress and time demands and presumably he has enough money to last without one) and he’ll probably still get roles.

I wouldn’t dump my Mel Gibson stock (well, not if you’ve kept it this long) just yet for that matter. A self-financed good movie and even he could be back.

I have nothing to add but the greatness that is this tumbler:

I’m sure that’s what Sheen thinks. And as long as he thinks that, he’ll be unemployable.

That’s odd; I assumed that Charlie Sheen has been whacked out of his mind on DtC.

I dunno; the “being a positive influence on your kids” ship sailed when he held a knife to their mother’s throat. Maybe we can hook him up with Michael Jackson’s doctor. At least he’d stop having kids and beating their mothers.

I was thinking more along the lines of expressing regret for putting a knife to their mother’s throat - not necessarily becoming a paragon of virtue.

Black neighborhoods sell a version that’s cut with cheaper ingredients and marketed as Afro Sheen.

The man you see in the interviews is NOT Charlie Sheen.
It is Sacha Baron Cohen, in his greatest role yet!!!

I really don’t care what happens to him. But if I did care, I’d want him to disappear someplace where I’d never have to hear of him again.

My daughter couldn’t believe me this morning when I told her that Charlie is Emilio Estevez’s brother, or that their father’s birth name is Estevez. So I pulled it up on wikipedia, where I discovered to my surprise that Martin Sheen chose his stage name as a nod to Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.

Fun fact.

A better question might be: will Charlie survive?

True, but I bet there’s a long list of people who’ve had meltdowns and haven’t come back.