Shining a bright flashlight into people's houses?

Ummm…isn’t this illegal?

Someone who shall remain nameless (can you guess, I posted about him/her before) got this new 500 lumen spotlight for camping. This person also drives around at night, for work. He told me it would be funny if he went around shining that light into people’s houses. As a prank.

It would be funny, but I don’t think it would be very smart. I am trying to convince him that.

What are your thoughts on this?

It is probably a civil not a criminal matter.
It is, of course, a puerile stunt. Your friend is an emotional arrested individual, right?

Good way to get the crap beat out of you.

I fail to see the humor. He could end up in jail or worse.

No it would not.

Your “friend” is a sociopath.

Agreed. It’s stupid and childish.

The Coast Guard shined a bright light into our bedroom one night from their boat. Not sure what they were hoping to see. It sure was a surprise for us.

Is this the same jackass friend who delivers newspapers or whatever before dawn, and delights in honking his horn to wake up everyone since, after all, he’s up, so they should be too?

Why would this be funny?

It’s a completely dick thing to do and you BOTH know it.

I don’t understand why, as an adult, you are still friends with a person with such an arrested development. The things you say he thinks are funny aren’t in the least and are very, very childish.

Well, MOST pranks are kind of dickish. That wasn’t my question. I’m more concerned about the legality of this action. I’m trying to keep this friend out of trouble.

Years ago a helicopter did the same. I lived (at the time) near a prison, so I assumed it was related. Was very odd though.

So you’re OK with him being a dick, as long as its legal? :frowning:

The probability of Diamonds02’s “friend” and Diamonds02 being different people is, in my estimation, pretty close to zero.

I think she might be inventing herself too.

Most pranks are also done to friends, not strangers.

Call me naive, but I just can’t believe that someone with a Master’s Degree would make things up on the internet…

Where have all the flowers gone…