Shirts are too short! (navel woes)

I’m long-waisted, and I don’t think I own a shirt that covers my navel. There’s always a 1-2 inch strip of skin exposed. If I buy the shirt long enough, they either shrink or I grow, and hey! there’s my navel again. I’m too tall for medium-sized shirts, but I drown in larges.

What should I do?


Buy long scarves to wrap around your waist, so you can look like you planned it that way. My mom used to order clothes from a “tall gals” catalog; perhaps somebody is still filling that market niche.

The dress code in my high school forbade any exposed skin between the bottom of your shirt and the top of your waistband, so many girls took to wearing a long tank top (like this) underneath their shirts so that they’d be covered even when they raised their hands or leaned forward. Of course, that only works for more casual outfits.

Also, many slim, tailored button-down shirls are longer than other shirts. Think Family Guy’s Lois Griffin. A real-life example can be seen here.

You could also try tucking tucking your shirt into a wide belt that covers the bottom of the shirt and the top of your pants or skirt. Target has some nice ones here.

There is, by the way, a company that sells fashionable clothing for tall women: Tall Girl. I have a friend who’s about 6’1", and she buys a good proportion of her clothing there.

You have a sexy belly. Show it off baby!

Yeah really. I’m long-waisted too but seriously overweight. If I had a problem such as my smokin’ hot, flat belly sticking out an inch or two I’d be tickled pink :slight_smile:

But, I can see the downside (somewhere…I’m sure there’s a downside) and I can’t help ya. I suspect normal-sized women’s shirts are probably all made for the short-waisted set, just like all the pants are made for the curvy-hipped set.

Being a chick is hard :frowning:

Perfectly legal in Canada. Woo!

By “shirts”, do you mean button-down ones, or regular cotton-blend tees? I find that lots of cotton tees are made badly and shrink funny in the wash: they widen and shorten. You have to either never put those shirts in the dryer, or learn which stores sell the **Incredible Shrinking Tee ** and avoid them.

You’re actually in luck this season, long shirts are back. Super low rise jeans and the short belly baring shirts looked dated nowdays. So you should find lots to choose from in the stores this fall.

Here’s an example. Long sweaters and tanks worn low on the hips over narrower jeans will be huge this year.

I’m long waisted myself and one trick I’ve recently learned is to layer a shorter shirt over a longer shirt so the longer shirt sticks out on the bottom. This chops up the torso and makes it look more proportional.

I second this store. I absolutely love it there, and in the last few months have easily dropped a few hundred on clothing there (which I didn’t used to do). Jeans that are actually too long in the leg and low cut at the hips that aren’t pubic hair baring, jackets with sleeves that are slightly too long (which I actually prefer), shirts that are long enough for once. They also go into bigger sizes (which I need, all those peasant genes came in strong with me and somehow I ended up 6’1 to boot…)

Old Navy also has some nice long tees and camis right now. I’ve taken to wearing the camis quite a bit under several shirts of mine (that are either too short at the bottom or too low at the top… or both! And they’re deliberately cut that way, it’s not that they’re too small.), and I’m thinking I should go pick up about half a dozen of both before they go out of style again.

Ooh ! Paging Johanna … And very pretty clothes, too !

(bolding mine)

Whaaaaa? Trust me, if you have curves in your hips and booty, it’s just as hard finding pants that fit. I always thought they made all the pants for the no-curves set. Seriously.

Not for my brand of no-hips. I’m apple-shaped, and to fit the waist, I have all this fabric at the hips that flaps like parachute pants.

Men’s pants, all the way.

I’m also long waisted and overweight. I knit, and I recently made a vest. I had to lengthen the pattern by FOUR inches (seriously? who can wear that?) to make it hit me at the waist.

Sigh. It is tough being a chick.

Do you have short legs as a result? When I bought my karate uniform I had to hack 8 inches off the bottom and hem up 2 more inches. Yikes!

zweisamkeit: I actually don’t know who these pants are made for. Last time I tried on pants a year or two ago, they all stopped well below my navel…which sucks because I wear my pants AT my navel, where my waist is. When I find pants that don’t “sit low” by cut, they slip right off my waist and down to my butt anyway because my waist is about 1/2" thinner than my hips :frowning:

You read my mind, Maastricht. :slight_smile: You knew I’d open this thread. I have Tall Girl bookmarked.

5’11" (~180cm) here. I’ve been wearing ordinary women’s buttoned shirts (e.g. Gap, Old Navy) to work which I wind up tucking in. I wear medium rise jeans. I have maybe an inch (~2.5cm) of shirttail to work with. It stays tucked long enough for me to walk from my car to my cube. If I stand up to walk anywhere I re-tuck first. I’m pretty sure I haven’t thonged my co-workers even once yet. But there’s one woman at work who wears low-rise and… she always has guys idling around her cube… She suffers accusations from other women that she isn’t getting enough work done. Thank goodness low-rise is finally going out of fashion! Lucky I came in just as the trend was starting to die out.

It’s better in winter because longline camis worn as undershirts provide enough coverage southwards that you don’t have to think about it. But right now, it’s too hot for that.

I loved the cotton tees at Target and bought a whole bunch of them, but was disappointed with the subsequent shrinkage into belly button shirts.

Other options for hiding the navel include bodysuits (which I predict will come back if enough women complain about short shirttails) or dresses. But I like the button shirts for work and will be always looking for long ones.

Yeah, to reply to you and FilmGeek, I don’t know who these pants are made for, since I’ve never found anyone who fits into them properly! My waist is about 12 inches smaller than my hips (although when I get closer to an ideal weight, it goes down to about a 9-10" difference, which still isn’t easy to buy clothes for, but it helps a bit). I gots back and a rack to match. :cool: Unfortunately, clothing isn’t made for that at all. I’ve found one pair of jeans that has actually fit in the backside; usually I try jeans on and they fit over the hips, are a bit tight buttoning the waist, and then I have a huge gap between my back and the waistband (as in, can stack two fists on top of each other and fit them in the gap!).

YOU LIE!!! Take that back :smiley:

Weird tan lines?

I have absolutely no idea why I opened this thread, but I’m glad I did.

My wife is 6’3", and I want to thank Zahava424 for the Tall Girl link.

How about those all-in-one dresses?