Shock! Disgust! Omigawd! Toddlers eat anything foodlike near them!

Preschoolers ate kibble at school! Parent wants witchhunt!

Get a grip! It’s freaking kibble. Non-toxic, and actually nutritious. I’m not about to suggest that the teacher’s aide wasn’t having a brain fart to have served it, nor that I believe the school district’s line about none of the kids having swallowed any kibble. But, is there any parent of pre-schoolers with pets in the house that labors under the misapprehension that their precious toddler hasn’t tried the dog’s kibble, or the cat food?

I know I found the taste of Purina Brand Dog Chow pretty interesting as a child. A bit gritty, yes, but not bad. Kinda like beef flavored crackers.

So, while I am a bit disgusted with the district’s weaseling about the nature of the incident, that doesn’t mean that I think the teacher’s aide did anything that deserves more than a stern talking to. Like I said, it’s only kibble.

I’m told that as a child I ate much worse things.
Much, much worse things…


My brother and I used to gnaw on dog biscuits when we were little. All three of us (I have a sister too) have been told that as toddlers, we were partial to roly polies, flies, and various other non-food crap. We turned out just fine, thank you very much.

My own toddler has had a taste of cat food. He didn’t like it, and now he feeds it to his stuffed animals.

If you think something is going to harm your child, why in the hell would you feed it to your other little critters? They’re loved ones too.

Btw, for those who can’t figure it out, my attitude here is focused on the dipshits in the article, not to anyone on here. :wink:

Hell, a while back there was a rather long thread of adult Dopers (myself included) who wanted kibble!

heh, I remember eating dog food and cat food, until my grandma told me they made food out of guts and bones and fur. I didn’t doubt it at the time, and that cured me habit.

I don’t seem to have suffered physically for it.

Pull that stick out of your ass, Brenda. Sheesh.

What is it with these people and their precious little overprotected Snookumses? :rolleyes:

Eh, I wouldn’t want my kids eating dog food, either. At least not from plates off the floor. Make believe is one thing, but I don’t want them trying that at home-manners? These are toddlers, after all.

I can understand a parent being upset because their child was given dog food at school, but I fail to see where it’s such a huge deal that the parent would be demanding the the T.A. be fired (“reassigned”, whatever):

My 14 month old ate catfood from the catfood dish.

A week later he was in isolation, being barrier nursed, on a nasogastric tube and an IV line nearly dead. Salmonella probably from the cat food he ate.

I’m distinctly less relaxed about what toddlers put in their mouths since that. However clean kibble wouldn’t kill them.

I remember a house party where someone, I guess thinking that a dish on the floor by a doorway was an accident waiting to happen around drunk people, put a bowl of kibble up on the counter.

A fella was later spotted walking around snacking on it. Alright!

I don’t know, somebody dumb enough to take something from the “What Not To Eat” display and encourage kids to eat it probably is not going to ever be educator of the year.

Well, it’s better than serving leftover margaritas. I don’t think I’d be upset (one of my boys is still a toddler) so much about the kibble thing, but I’d keep an eye on the TA. She doesn’t exactly sound like a brain trust.

When my brother was two he thought a glass Christmas ornament on my grandma’s tree was an apple, so he grabbed it and took a big bite. Now he’s going to graduate with an MS in computer science in less than a year.

Kids are resilient. These kids’ll be just fine.

I still don’t quite get why petfood is considered horrifying. I get the strangest looks when mentioning that I have eaten pet cookies before. I looked at the ingredients, it was all the same stuff you have in regular cookies, and they tasted like regular cookies, only they were H shaped (for the Hartz brand).

People won’t even mix the utensils and bowls they use, even after washing. As if there are permanent cooties on the things from Rover that you won’t get from letting him lick your face.

[sub]don’t tell my wife I sometimes lick the spoon after setting out the wet cat food…[/sub]

I got the strangest look one day after telling my former housemate that while I was watching her daughter (aka The Monster) I gave her a couple of the green and white sandwich cookies after she’d finished her lunch. After all, The Monster had managed to sneak some that morning, and so, after her nap when I asked what she’d like for a treat, said cookie.



They weren’t supposed to be people cookies. They were freebies from the dog bar at PetSmart.

Oops. :eek: :o

Oh, well. I was told that, like you, she’d checked the ingredients list while in the store, and they had most everything that was in people cookies, but much less sugar. So… it was a healthy treat. Yeah, that’s it. :wink:

Yikes! I’ve been thinking about removing the cage from round the cat food and just teaching/trusting my 15-monther not to eat it.

Maybe a liiiiittle longer! :eek:

I think this was my favorite part of the article.

Whoo buddy.

I tried “beef jerky” dog snacks once. They were actually pretty good–they tasted just like beef jerky. The texture was a bit off though. Beef jerky ain’t supposed to be gritty, is it?

Whoa, where is that barfing smiley when you need it? blech


Once, when very very pregnant, I absent-mindedly stuck a spoon into my mouth that I had just used to scoop canned dog food into the dog’s bowl.

I don’t mind telling you that in my entire life, I have never seen reverse parystalsis take effect so fast.