Shodan (and anyone else) - a suggestion concerning DNFTT

Shodan, not to flame you or anything, but I wanted to correct what I though was an erroneous impression of yours.

From a closed BBQ Pit thread

I disagree. DNFTT should always apply, even (and especially) in The BBQ Pit forum.
(I posted this here because A. it is policy related and B. I thought that it would be more probable that the posters who read the original thread would see this if it was here rather than in ATMB).

No offense apparently meant, and therefore none received.

Going up to a cage wherein is stashed a particularly nasty bridge-dweller, poking with a stick, and enjoying the badly spelled howls of ad hominems, non sequiters, and generally foam-flecked foolishness is a bad habit of mine.

Can’t say I’ll never do it again, but it was the Pit, after all.


Divide Nosferatu For Tangential Termination? Don’t mind if I do!


Sorry, the irony was kinda right there.

Aside from that, you described our “Guest Troll of the Week” quite accurately.

OK SPOOFE now explain what that means and give a real-life example.

Non sequiteurs?
I hait itt when that hapens. :slight_smile: