Shooters: Help finding stiff belt for holster

In my CCW training course, one of the instructors described a belt for putting a holster on. He said that most belts twist under the weight of a gun and so the wearer ends up having to tighten the belt in increasing increments until the belt is unreasonably tight. He advised a particular type of belt that was made of nylon-webbing type material, but had a plastic core that prevented it from twisting.

I’ve asked around and nobody has any clue what I’m talking about. Anybody know what this product is or where to find it?


I think you want something like this or like this, js_. The second link was what I bought at greentop in Richmond.

Hey js_africanus, did ya forget about your thread? I’m curious to see if ya got one, or if it’s the right stuff.

Sorry about that.

I’m not sure if they are what the guy described. The second one looked pretty sturdy, but there was no mention about any inner-lining to keep it from twisting, which seemed to be a pretty big selling point for the instructor. It did indicate that it is rigid enough to support a bunch of stuff. Have you had good luck with yours? Would you recommend it? (I suppose that’s yes and yes since you provided the link–heh, heh.)

Oh, wait!! I didn’t scroll down far enough!!

Is the Ultra Duty Belt the one you got? Cool. That sounds like just what I was looking for. Thanks!!

FWIW, I don’t carry an external holster so belt twisting isn’t an issue. I use a very comfortable Uncle Mike’s inside-the-waistband holster when I’m dressed casually, and a jackass shoulder rig when I have to wear a suit.

Yep. And I really didn’t need that, I got it as a replacement belt for my shell pouch for shooting sporting clays. It’s much stiffer than what I need but it works well to keep the pouch from sliding around.