Shooting and Bank of America Building LaSalle and Jackson

Breaking news right now - there’s apparently been a shooting at the Bank of America Building at LaSalle and Jackson - one dead, one wounded, no status on their condition. They’re (the press) still trying to figure out what happened.

Appears to be murder-suicide.

What city is this?


The victim is the CEO of ArrowStream.

SORRY - I should have mentioned the city. Sometimes I’m SUCH an idiot!

I always think of murder suicides as happening in homes, not in places of business. Two men in their fifties; I wonder what the story on that is?

Tom Tildrum, it’s Chicago.

From what the Police Commissioner said, the company was reorganizing, the shooter had just been demoted earlier this week. He went there today for a “one on one” with the CEO.

Given the names involved, I’m guessing this is Chicago.