Shooting at UPS building in SF

I didn’t see a thr4ead for this, did I miss it?
At least 2 dead, several hurt in shooting at UPS building in SF


It’s been a busy morning for the Grim Reaper.

I hadn’t seen this news report yet.

Terrible news. I hope their families are being looked after.

KCBS Radio is saying the shooter killed himself.

6 people shot, 4 dead, including the shooter.

Condolences to the victims and their families.

Grenfell, then Alexandria, and now San Francisco. It’s a sad day all around. Can it be over?

Don’t forget the mudslides in Brazil; 140 (or more) dead.

And Bangladesh

Right. Transposed my search terms. Thank you.

I honestly didn’t notice the date on yours. I saw it and checked the url thinking you’d just typed wrong name. And it did say “brazil” in url so I was then thinking of the coincidence that both should have the same number.

An sad coincidence that search terms would reveal similar fatalities in two seperate countries under similar circumstances.