Should BratMan......

change his name to Boo Boo?

For an explanation, see

evil grin

Oh, absolutely. I love the idea.

and his gf should change her name to boo-boo’s girl.

Or woman, or whatever.

Most definitly.

That way, even when the boards are a bit slow, I’m always guaranteed a good laugh. :smiley:

votes yes enthusiastically and emphatically

Of course I’m willing to concede a hybrid nick, but it should start with boo boo.
Boo Boo Bratman? Hmmm…

How about boo boo bratsheep?
No? Hey, stop throwing those beer bottles! I don’t drink!

It’s not like anyone’s ever going to call him anything else from now on anyway.


Boo Boo Bridegroom?

raises hand

I’m in favour.

I do, I do.

I love you Falcon !






Um, yeah, Boo Boo it is. From now on. No matter what he calls himself…

In my mind, he already has. :smiley:

yes ! Yees ! YEESS ! YYEEESSS .
Boo Boo and Tiger sitting in a tree …

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Bratman, I’d love to support you on this since you’re a fellow Python fanatic…but this is too damn funny.

Boo Boo Bratman, the cutiepatootiest little bear ever.

Damn, now whenever I see one of his posts I’m going to be hearing Boo Boo reading it. And whenever I reply, I’m going to hear Yogi Bear.

He can call himself whatever he wants if little_tiger’ll kiss my boo-boo.

What a lovely moniker.

Sweet Boo Boo.

I want to go on a pick-a-nick now!!!

where’s the pics of hotty tiger?

How sweet, widdle Boo-Boo Brat_man :smiley:






Yes, change it, please!
(he’s never going to live this down!)


I would just like to say to each and every one of you:


::holding head in hands::
Of all the things she could have said!! Why did it have to be Boo-Boo?!

Tiger, at least explain that it doesn’t come from the cartoon.

At least change the .sig, man…