Should fans be allowed to vote for pitchers in the All-Star Game?

I believe most fans are informed enough to pick the pitchers for the ASG. Whether those pitchers all get into the game is another story, obviously.

They probably wouldn’t do a bad job. I know people will whine that the fans do a lousy job voting for All-Stars, but if you’re picking fan votes for 11-13 pitchers the idiot votes would be largely negated.

I like fans voting for All-Stars, because I think fan involvement is itself fundamentally good for the sport even if it means Derek Jeter will be voted in a few more times than he should, so I’d like the fans to be able to vote for the pitchers.

Yes. Fans vote for all players, pitchers included, and no home-field advantage in the series consequences,


Players and managers vote, and keep the consequences as they are now.


I can’t imagine why the fans aren’t allowed to vote for the all-star pitchers. If we can’t trust the fans to pick the best pitchers, why can we trust them to pick the best left-fielders, shortstops, and catchers?

I’d say the fans vote for the starting pitcher just like the other starters, but not the subs.

If there are measures in place for pitchers voted in to opt out (because their rotation wasn’t favorable to playing in the ASG, or just because they don’t wanna), then absolutely. Why not?

In principle any player can opt out by saying they have a strained whatever and some do – even a blister on the pitching hand would do it for a pitcher. If it happened too much, the fans might get upset.

I recall there used to be a rule that the teams could not use designated pitchers (or maybe it was starters) the Sunday before All-Star Tuesday. It was one pitcher per team even if they weren’t selected to play I think.